7 uses of garlic for health and how to consume it

Since ancient times, garlic has been considered one of the best seasonings in gastronomy due to its particular flavor, since it seasoned many recipes very well. In addition, garlic also became famous thanks to its medicinal properties that favor our health in different ways.

In recent years, research has focused on studying L The benefits that the Garlic For health and it has been discovered that This food is healthier and more useful than we can imagine.

Why are garlic good for health?

Garlic is very economical and it is possible that we have them all the time in our kitchen. It is worth knowing all its uses in health to, in addition to using them in our meals, consider including it more frequently in our diet.

A raw garlic has antiseptic, fungicidal, bactericidal and depurative properties , Because it contains a compound called allicin, which acts against thousands of viruses and bacteria. In addition, among other properties, garlic is antioxidant, strengthens the immune system and improves our cardiovascular health. Do you want to know how it benefits you to eat raw garlic?

Natural antibiotic


Garlic is one of the Natural antibiotics More powerful we can find. It is proven to be very effective in fighting with a large number of microorganisms and also has antiparasitic properties that fight parasites of the tapeworm (solitary). According to research by the Wright State University , The antibiotic properties of garlic are as potent as those of penicillin.

Improves circulation

Garlic helps lower cholesterol and prevents cholesterol from sticking to the arterial walls . Thus, garlic promotes good circulation and avoids blockages in the arteries or atherosclerosis, which is one of the main causes of strokes and strokes. Garlic purifies blood and also reduces hypertension .

Kidneys and bladder


Consuming raw garlic daily helps to prevent and treat most problems related to the kidneys and bladder.


Several investigations agree that Garlic has anticancer properties capable of blocking the formation of potent carcinogens Such as nitrosamine, which may occur during the digestion process of some foods. In these studies, it has been found that those who consume raw garlic every day, have only half the risk of stomach cancer and two thirds the risk of colorectal cancer.

Strengthens the immune system

Garlic, thanks to its antiviral and bactericidal properties, strengthens the immune system And elevates the defenses of our body. So, Garlic keeps different respiratory infections away, as well as colds and the flu.

Healthy skin

Rough skin

Garlic and its antioxidant properties help repair skin tissue, which keeps it young. A garlic mask is ideal to soften the skin and also stimulates cellular regeneration and prevents premature aging.

Rich in vitamins

To summarize all the benefits of garlic, we tell you that Is a food rich in vitamins A, B1, B2 and C. Thanks to this, garlic is good for fighting anemia, controlling obesity, cleansing the liver, improving the nervous system And stimulate digestion.

How to consume garlic to get your benefits?

As we have already mentioned, The ideal is to consume raw garlic to take full advantage of all its benefits. Although we are accustomed to consuming cooked garlic in different recipes, we must be clear that in this way garlic can lose up to 90% of its properties. Another option is to consume it through tablets, extracts or garlic paste, which retain much of its essential contents.

In any case, The experts recommend consuming it raw, since it is the most effective way to take advantage of all its benefits and, in addition, is much cheaper . Many are not comfortable consuming raw garlic, as this usually leaves a bad breath that is difficult to combat. However, there are several homemade tricks to combat that bad breath and not stop consuming garlic, for example: we can chew some leaves parsley , Fresh mint or celery, which have the ability to neutralize the odor thanks to its chlorophyll content.

After chewing one of these leaves, it is best to finish rinsing the mouth with water and a few drops of lemon. Do you want to improve your health by eating garlic?

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