7 ways to connect emotionally with someone

There are people born with A natural gift for connecting emotionally with others . These types of individuals conquer hearts and make friends with little effort.

For other mortals, this is something we must learn and develop.

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Everyone aspires to connect emotionally with those people who consider more Special , But rarely do they succeed, to say the least. Today you will discover that this is not so complicated.

Ways to connect emotionally with others

Although you can provide yourself with some ways to connect emotionally with others, today we will touch 7 ways to do it in an easy, simple and that you can put into practice right now.


You only need will, courage and effort . With these three predispositions and the habits that we present below, we have no doubt that there will be no person with whom you can not connect.

1. Smile is always a help

A happy person, someone who is always cheerful and smiling, attracts us . That's why the smile will be your best letter of introduction and one of the ways to connect with others.

A smile conveys sincerity and allows the person in front of you to feel confident.

In addition, the smiles captivate. Have you ever wanted to talk to someone who seems to be angry about something? Right, right?

A smile will always attract, never scare.

2. Look at strangers as friends

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On many occasions we have to deal with unknown people and we are often afraid. We are afraid to make a bad impression , Not falling well or feeling uncomfortable in the midst of strangers.

Learn to Seeing strangers as friends will open many doors , Since it will allow you to discover very interesting people who were not in your life.

Do not be ashamed and be interested in meeting others. Connecting with them will be much easier if you carry this attitude with you.

3. Be authentic

It is no use following the above steps if you put on a mask. Believe it or not, others will perceive it. Authentic display will be your best cover letter .

Only by being yourself can you connect in a sincere way.


In addition, even if you do not believe it, being yourself will help you to give an image of open and much more sociable person. Someone who has nothing to hide. Everyone will thank you.

4. Be interested in others

We all like to show interest in the things we do , Our projects of life or work, etc. We want to feel important and the other person wants to know more about us.

That is why, instead of talking about you, it speaks volumes about the other. Ask him about his work, his friendships, his goals... something that allows him to connect with him. Why, To connect, we must know .

5. Try to help

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Each person who comes into our life will contribute and give us something unique. Somehow, we will help her whenever she needs it and we will be there to listen, understand and give her the best advice possible.

Sometimes, it is not a question of doing anything, but simply of listening . This will allow us to know even more if it is up to the person in front of us, giving our ears and our points of view.

It will connect us emotionally.

6. You must first know yourself

If you have realized, to put into practice all of the above knowing yourself very well will be fundamental. Just so You will know how to let yourself be guided by your intuition And get closer to those people you know will share your values ​​and interests.

Female friends

Also, knowing yourself will let you know what your strengths are to put into practice when connecting with someone. If you do not know, You may not know what you can bring to others .

7. Never try to please

Sometimes we fall into the temptation to please others and we become false and different people to who we really are. We try to camouflage our defects and thus we are unnatural.

Knowing you will help you to accept your defects, but also your virtues, and this will help you Show yourself as you are without needing to please others .

You do not need to do this. You do not have to like everybody.

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Are you from those who, by nature, manage to connect emotionally with others? The tips above will help you do even better.

Because we all like it Feel in connection with other people And discover many that we will make an important gap in our life.

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