7 ways to improve communication as a couple

We usually confuse having good communication with having a conversation . Of course, talking to your partner is necessary, but it is not the only way to show your feelings and strengthen your relationship.

To establish a solid foundation and be a successful partner, you need to be honest with each other, be educated with each other, accept mistakes and improve communication in couple .

Then we will talk more about the options you have.

1. Be honest and avoid the secrets

In any relationship there may be some secret with the idea of ​​sharing it later. Simple secrets, as a surprise gift, plans to take the relationship further or delicate issues that you do not yet want to reveal.

All the above is understandable. In some cases these surprises can be an extra for the relationship. However, to improve the communication in couple you must avoid the secrets related to your past .

  • If there is something that hurt you or if you have any condition that is difficult for you to talk about, take your time but remember that at some point you should comment on it .
  • What is important is that he or she knows that there is a topic that is costing you and that you can not talk about now.

Possibly you face questions and you have to prepare yourself, because they are normal. Think that Your partner may feel worried about what happens to you and how that influences your life.

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2. Learn how to modulate your tone of voice


Many discussions end in major fights not because of what is said, but because of the tone with which it is said. To improve communication as a couple and any other relationship, it is important that you understand how you are saying things .

  • Raising the tone of voice is an unnecessary act in most cases. Possibly you only do it so that your ideas are heard, but you could be bothering the other person.
  • When you raise your voice, in some way, you are trying to downplay what the other says.

3. Take care of the way you express yourself in social networks

Another way to improve communication as a couple is to give relevance to the messages we give in the social networks .

As a couple it is possible that you use these means a large part of the day to share your experiences and talk quickly in the time you have free.

In doing so, it is important that you take care of the forms, just as in the previous case. As with the tone of voice, it is recurrent to fight over a message sent and misinterpreted .

The best way to use this medium is to send more specific messages that do not lend themselves to misinterpretation.

4. Speak to understand and forgive


Forgiving the couple and accepting personal mistakes when a negative or complex situation has occurred helps to improve communication as a couple.

It looks simple, but it is not, because the Being willing to forgive a mistake of the couple also implies being willing to improve .

  • It should be clarified what were the errors of each one objectively.
  • Once you agree on the origin of the fault, dialogue to find alternatives that allow you to avoid the same situation in the future.

5. Allow yourself to be vulnerable

One of the doors to improve communication as a couple is to be a bit vulnerable with the other person. In this case we mean that give yourself the opportunity to express those emotions that you always try to hide.

Nobody likes to do this for everything that goes with it. Some think to let see their fears, frustrations and traumas makes them look weak and easy prey .

However, if you can not be vulnerable with your partner and expect their support, with whom will you do it?

If you are with a person you love and with whom you want to share the best of your life, also you have to let him see the dark spots .

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6. Break the barriers with physical contact


If your partner has a hard time expressing the situations you are experiencing, the words may not be enough. Learn to break those moments of tension with a hug to help him feel accompanied, heard and appreciated.

Sometimes, improving communication as a couple involves listening and keeping quiet so that the other can vent. Even if you can not do something specific to help, this small step is very useful and moving.

7. Stop assuming

Another way to improve communication as a couple is to stop assuming that your partner will do or say a certain thing. When you take something for granted, you type in the person and you can make him lose all interest in surprising you.

Further, In most cases, we assume according to our expectations . If you fall into this error, you could be sabotaging your partner, your relationship and yourself.

Even if he or she has been consistent with a certain behavior, give yourself the opportunity to be open to other answers.

Do you think you need to improve communication as a couple? What other advice would you give someone who needs it?

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