8 signals our body sends when it needs sex

The physiological needs and the sexual appetite can become evident in our body through a series of symptoms Which reflect the desire to feel sexual contact and live exciting experiences.

Lack of sex physically and emotionally affects people, even without them being realized. And is that This human need goes far beyond the pleasure it generates , As it also plays an important role in health and wellness .

For different reasons Some people try to suppress their sexual desire And refrain from what they desire. Others are easier to express and do not hesitate to live the moment to the maximum when given the opportunity.

In any case, when time passes and they do not have a satisfying sexual experience, Those repressed desires can be made evident by certain behaviors or signals .

1. Lack of sleep


Difficulty sleeping in the last days? Sexual activity helps secrete a hormone known as oxytocin , Important for having an adequate and pleasant sleep.

When a person spends a lot of time without sex You may begin to have difficulty To fall asleep .

Bad mood and stress


Having ups and downs in character, especially in the social realm, is a symptom that the body needs sex. Obviously, not in all cases is this the reason for stress and bad mood. However, when weeks and months go by without feeling sexual satisfaction, there is a greater risk of bursting into negative emotions such as irritability, pessimism and other sudden mood swings.

It is important to know that the sex Contributes to a better state of mind And, although many times one tries to ignore, it is a necessity that can not be repressed.

3. Increases fantasies


To a greater or lesser extent, Every person dreams or has some sexual practices present. They usually occur during the night or as the product of some type of stimulus.

However, when these fantasies become frequent and appear at different times of the day, it is because the body is anxious to have sex.

4. Lack of shine on the skin


It seems inconsistent to think that the sexual act can improve the state of the skin, but it is not. When you practice sex frequently, the pores of the skin open And free the impurities that are usually accumulated and that give rise to imperfections.

It is obvious that this is not an aesthetic treatment, however, like any other physical activity, Sex facilitates the elimination of toxins Through sweat and activates blood circulation. If we notice that, suddenly, the face has lost its natural shine and there is more acne than usual can be a clear indication of lack of sex.

5. Less social

Social circle

Failure to have sexual experiences can lead to social isolation. This is explained by the decrease in the production of endorphins, substances that help maintain the good humor And the desire to be surrounded by more people.

6. Physical Disorders


The reason? Lack of sex decreases the production of serotonin and endorphins , Known as the hormones of happiness and famous for acting as a natural painkiller.

7. Insecurity


It is very likely that, when you stop having sex, the person begins to feel certain insecurity In itself and in everything it does. Sex is an activity that improves self-esteem And which allows both men and women to feel wanted and cared for.

Not having this type of experience causes self-dissatisfaction Which can lead to depression, anxiety and difficulties in making sound decisions.

8. The dangerous feeling of loneliness

Marilyn Soledad

Watch out! Feeling lonely can lead to unwise decisions, especially when sex is involved. After spending a lot of time without feeling the excitement of sex, The feeling of loneliness Begins to dominate the emotions and may occur the following:

  • Round the idea of ​​calling, searching or returning with an ex-couple.
  • Looking for sex in someone close , As a friend (or friend) or lover.
  • There is a great possibility of wanting casual sex With an unknown during a party, especially after ingesting some drinks.

We say that Are unwise decisions , Since each may have negative consequences, although not in all cases.

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