8 things your fingers reflect on your health

Like any other part of our body, the fingers of our hands play a very important role in our life, in our health and in all those activities that we have to do every day. But, beyond being a very important tool of our body, the Fingers Can also reflect the state of our health without many times we notice it.

Several researches that have been done in the last years have been able to determine that the fingers can reflect aspects of the physical health, as well as emotional states, personality and behaviors. As you have surely ignored what your fingers can tell you, Then we leave 8 things that your fingers reflect on your health.

1. You have a high level of testosterone

If your ring finger is shorter than normal, your testosterone levels are likely to be higher, regardless of whether you are male or female. In almost all cases, men have the second finger of the hand shorter than the fourth, While in women almost always both have the same length.

These differences in the fingers have been related to Hormonal factors Such as testosterone levels, Which are higher in men, lower estrogen levels and reduction in sperm count.

2. Risk of osteoarthritis


A study by the University of Nottingham (UK) People who have the index finger shorter than the rest have a higher risk of developing problems such as osteoarthritis. This problem was related to the lack of estrogen and little physical activity, which affects women in particular.

3. Risk of prostate cancer

A study by the University of Warwick (UK) found that men who have the index finger longer than the ring finger have a higher risk of suffering in the future prostate cancer .

4. You have a genetic advantage

If the index finger is longer than the ring finger, this may also indicate that the person was exposed to high levels of testosterone when it was in gestation within the mother's uterus. In studies conducted by King's College (UK) It was determined that hormonal exposure within the uterus may condition future behavior.

5. Could reveal the size of the penis


In an investigation conducted by the University of Gachon (South Korea) It was discovered that mens Which have index fingers smaller than the annulus have a larger penis size . For the investigation was counted on the participation of 144 men, who were measured under anesthesia and who confirmed the hypotheses.

6. Could reveal hypothyroidism

Consumption of salt causes fluid retention and is very likely to temporarily cause swelling in the fingers that can be removed with natural remedies to combat retention. However, if this problem is recurrent or the fingers remain swollen long, They may be reflecting a problem in the operation of the Thyroid gland . This, in turn, can cause the metabolism to slow down and, as a result, there is increased weight and more fluid retention.

7. Do you have sports skills?

you like to run

Research carried out found that women whose ring finger is longer than the index finger have more sports skills compared to the rest. This study revealed that these women have greater sports abilities, Especially in activities such as athletics, racing and tennis.

8. You are successful in business

Other studies found that people who have a longer ring finger tend to be more successful in business. In the research, conducted by a group of researchers at the University of Cambridge, it was determined that Financial agents with the longest ring finger receive up to 11 times more earnings than their peers . This would be related to the high levels of Testosterone .


Beyond giving aesthetic care to your fingers, keep in mind what you might be indicating of your health or your personality. These data may be very helpful in detecting what may be happening to you and what you should do to improve it.

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