8 types of urine that could say something important about health

The color of the human urine has been since antiquity a very useful tool for the diagnosis of different ailments, Because all kinds of alterations in their color, density and smell may be indicating that something is not right in our body.

Through the urine we expel daily hundreds of wastes that our body does not need and that come from everything we eat and drink. However, the urine Can also serve to alarm us of some health problem, since when something is not right, The tonality can change and it can present a strong smell that can be unpleasant to us.

Many of us do not know what our urine of health can say and we ignore the possible alterations that we can suffer when urinating . It is very important to know what may be happening in our body and how we can alarm us by just paying attention to our way of urinating. Next we want to share the 8 types of urine you can have and what you may be indicating about health.

Light yellow urine

The urine of a healthy person is bright yellow almost transparent. That characteristic color of the urine is due to a pigment called urobiline. Our normal urine carries these urobilins, which are diluted in water and create that almost transparent yellow color that indicates that we have a correct hydration. Therefore, if the yellow color is intense it means that we are dehydrated.

Nevertheless, If the color of the urine is too light and the person has the urge to urinate frequently, it can be water poisoning, or overhydration , Which occurs when the person consumes water in excess. On the other hand, if the tonality is clear, you want to urinate frequently, but not much fluid has been ingested, then it could indicate that the person has diabetes .

Cloudy urine

A cloudy urine may indicate that it contains phosphate, which could be a product of kidney stones. If the urine remains cloudy for some days is a clear sign of an infection in the urinary tract, so it is recommended to visit the doctor. Usually, the cloudy color in the urine is accompanied by a strong smell in it and frequent desire to go to the bathroom.

In the case of men, cloudy or dirty urine may be due to the semen remaining in the Urinary tract .

Blue-green urine

It is usually due to something you have previously eaten, especially if said food had a blue or green dye. For example, Asparagus can make the urine have a green or blue hue.

On the other hand, a blue or green tint may also indicate that you are in the process of changing vitamins or medications. If neither of these cases explains the blue-green tint, consult your doctor.

Orange urine

The consumption of food as mora of the marshes (orange mora), beet , Carrots or any orange food, can make the urine orange. Some medications or dehydration can also cause the urine to have this shade. If the urine is dark brown almost brown, it could mean that you have bile. In these cases it is best to consult the doctor.

Urine brown

Brown urine may be the product of eating foods such as beans, beans, beans, rhubarb or some types of medicines. In a more extreme case this color of urine may be indicating a liver problem or a lot of dehydration.

Foamy urine

In these cases the color of the urine is almost never altered, but sometimes it can have a darker shade that can be very alarming. If the urine is too frothy it may be indicating the excess of Proteins In the body.

Strong odor urine

No kind of urine smells just right; However, we all know how to distinguish the particular smell of normal urine and smell when it is too strong. Bad odors in the urine may be due to the consumption of coffee or asparagus. If this is not your case, but the urine is strong odor, the ideal is to consult the doctor.

Pink or reddish urine

Some foods that are natural red can cause changes in the color of the urine and provide a pink or reddish hue. Consumption of blueberries, rhubarb or some reddish food can make the urine change to this tone. However, this color in the urine can also be due to the consumption of certain medicines, blood in urine, intense exercise or an infection. If urine does not return to normal color within 24 hours, consult your doctor.

In more extreme cases, the pink or reddish color in the urine may be indicative of kidney cancer , Enlarged prostate, or stones in the bladder.

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