A gel that stops bleeding in just 10 seconds

Joe Landolina, a young entrepreneur of 17 years, was a newcomer to New York University when he made a discovery that could possibly save millions of lives around the world. Landolina, who claimed to be very interested in tissue engineering (also known as regenerative medicine), created back then a gel Capable of instantly stopping internal and external bleeding in less than 10 seconds and without the need to apply pressure.

The product, called Veti-Gel, Began as a project when Joe was just in the first semester of college. This idea was the winner of a contest held at New York University and, thanks to this, Landolina and Isaac Miller (their partner) received enough money to found their company, Suneris, Inc.

Today Joe Landolina is already prepared to take the reins of his own company, Equipped with a master's degree in biomedical engineering and a company of 10 people. Everything is under way to get this project moving forward, which could be a key life-saving mechanism in improvised emergency rooms and trauma rooms (ICUs) around the world.

The gel has already been tested in veterinary clinics and there are currently about 1,600 more veterinarians who hope to be able to obtain samples of the product for critical analysis.

What is the Veti-gel made of?

The gel invented by Joe Landolina is composed of an analogue of vegetable origin of something called extracellular matrix (ECM). It is a mesh of Proteins And sugars that are found around the cells, which can vary from organ to organ. The gel breaks down into small pieces, as if it were Lego pieces, and when placed on a wound, can reconstruct the pattern of the existing ECM. Further, It can also be beneficial if applied on the skin and in different areas of the body.

Veti-gel "Will make an exact copy of what is next," That is, it will immediately adapt to the properties of the area of ​​the body in which it is used. In addition, according to Landolina, "As it applies, the body begins the healing process."


Veti-gel samples will be tested initially by veterinary clinics , Who will demonstrate their effectiveness in stopping Bled in a matter of seconds. Once this is proven, the product will pass into the US military space, which will give final approval prior to its release to the market for its human surgical use.

Landolina says he is optimistic and believes that Veti-gel can be approved in the market by the end of next year. This product will become a lifeline in emergency rooms and surgical operations around the world.

Veti-gel could stop bleeding during vascular surgery of Grade 4 hepatic trauma. This surgery is very complex and, if complicated, can cause bleeding that is very difficult to stop. With this powerful gel the surgeons could contain these kinds of Bleeding Even in less than a minute, being key to success in surgery.

By having a significant benefit such as the ability to stop bleeding in a matter of seconds, Veti-gel technology also has other important applications in the treatment of burns, wound healing and other therapies . Research on its benefits is ongoing, and Suneris is continuing to work on several studies related to the benefits that Veti-gel will have for health.

Although the product has not yet been approved for sale, the results it has so far appear to be very promising, especially for its ability to stop bleeding. Veti-gel will be a product used in many fields of medicine and is also expected to be very useful in veterinary medicine . Its creators did not reveal what could be its price and conditions of sale but, in any case, it is a rather important finding in medicine and possibly, in the future, will be key to Save many lives .

Use cayenne pepper to stop bleeding

Cayenne pepper

In addition to the mentioned gel, there are natural alternatives that allow us to deal with bleeding at home. One of them - and perhaps the most effective - is red pepper or cayenne pepper. This spice has great health benefits, and even since ancient times the Native Americans have used it as medicine.

The use of cayenne pepper is quite simple, as only a little dust should be spread directly into the cut or bleeding wound. After that, it is enough to wait 15 to 20 seconds for the bleeding to stop. It is important to keep in mind that pepper should only be used in small cuts or scratches.

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