Albinism: The moving case of the model Thando Hopa

Today in our space we want to talk about a reality that is not very well known. We are sure that, on more than one occasion, you have seen an albino person, or it is even possible, in your social circle, to know someone. As you know, the albinism Is a genetic disease characterized by Hypopigmentation of the skin, hair and eyes .

Usually occurs in people and animals and, to that lack of melanin, also join very serious diseases of the skin due to the solar sensitivity. It is not easy to be albino, but it is even worse to suffer this genetic alteration in a continent like Africa. What is happening here is being denounced by a young model of color called Thando Hopa. It is the voice of this Reality so terrible , And today we want to explain.

The color model Thando Hopa


Thando Hopa She is 24 years old and, besides model, she is a lawyer. She considers herself a lucky one, because being born with albinism in Africa is little more than a curse. He was educated in Johannesburg, where he began to quickly call attention to the delicate and striking physique that was so glamorous on catwalks and magazine covers. Thando is one of the few models of albino color that exist in the world.

Perhaps because of his success and his repercussion, he chose to study law, to Give voice to the social drama that occurs in Africa and that many do not know.

The curse of being albino in Africa


You will be surprised to know, in the first place, that Africa is one of the continents that more albinos shelters in its beautiful lands. Especially in Tanzania. The experts do not know the clear causes of this phenomenon, but it is suspected that it can be due to the consanguinity and the native European settlers who could reach this zone of the African continent. Here, the population of albinism exceeds that of the rest of the world by 15%.

According to Thando Hopa himself, being an albino in Africa is, first, a physical problem and then a social drama. Due to the inclemency of the sun and scarce resources, many people suffer from skin cancer and blindness due to lack of protection. Then they must face the contempt of other people.

The albinos call them"Zeru-Zeru", that is to say, son of the devil or ghosts . Albinism is thought to be the result of a sin committed by parents in establishing a diabolical covenant, and whose marks are reflected in the pallor of the children. Hence the rejection and that many mothers come to abandon their children .

A living albino is worthless, however, a dead albino is as valuable as a diamond. The reason? Numerous ethnic groups, African social groups and village warlocks Think that the blood or organs of an albino have magical or healing properties . It happens with albinism somewhat similar to the terrible reality about the rhinoceros horns or the ivory of the elephants: they pay high amounts for them and do not hesitate to mutilate and even kill.


It is an unfortunate reality denounced by numerous humanitarian organizations. It is common for groups of armed men to appear in the middle of the night children And adult albinos to mutilate them, to rip off arms or legs. Or, what is worse, take their life. Very high amounts are paid for your blood and organs , Hence unscrupulous people and guided by that unreason that makes us so shaken, do not hesitate a moment to commit these atrocious acts.

Albinism in Africa is a real curse, so people like Thando Hopa give voice to this drama, and many international organizations try to give social coverage to these people who, Especially in Tanzania , Suffer this danger. However, it is known that many people die every year albino, either by the attack of these people without heart, or by problems related to their disease that are not adequately cared for. Burns On the skin, infected sores and Cancer Are often the main problems they face.

To this day, there are many children who, for example, must learn to live without their feet or hands. Many do not lose the smile, although, sometimes, being different, being special, can become the worst of the stigmata in certain societies.

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