Appendicitis: Symptoms You Should Know

Many people are treated urgently when they present a case of appendicitis , Being thus medical emergencies of which always deserves to know the previous symptoms to be on alert.

But... Why does it happen? It's basically due to an inflammation of the appendix, you know, that area in which the large intestine starts. Children and adults, everyone affects us equally, so today we want to invite you to know the symptom Which give us hints that we are suffering from appendicitis. Discover them with us.

Symptoms to recognize appendicitis


1. The type of pain

  • The pain usually begins in the navel, but little by little, they feel"reflexes"that extend until the part Lower right abdomen, A little above the hip.
  • When we press in this zone, the pain is much more intense, more acute and unbearable.
  • Our stomach is a little hard. We have a strange sensation of"fullness", we have only to press a little our abdomen and we will immediately notice an unusual firmness and hardness. Why then? To one Intestinal inflammation , To that perhaps infected appendix that can cause us serious problems.
  • It is quite possible that, when walking , That pain in the height of the hip Be more incisive and sharp. Remember that it is always on the right side.
  • The only moment we will notice Relief is at bedtime . When we lay down that annoyance finds some rest. But it is only momentary.
  • Try to cough. If you notice a great pain or burning in the abdomen, it is a clear symptom that we have an inflammation in this area of ​​the belly: the appendix.
  • You should keep in mind that if you experience these symptoms, it is very likely that Between 12 and 24 hours Then they become more acute and we need to be admitted urgently. It would be appropriate for you to take them into account first and foremost for the children. Before any symptoms that the youngest evidence you, let your doctor know.

2. Secondary symptoms accompanying abdominal pain

    • Fever . It's very important. At the moment that this discomfort on the right side is accompanied by Tenths of fever , Seek medical advice immediately.
    • Constipation . This infection in the appendix is ​​always translated into small bowel disorders. It is very frequent to suffer periods of constipation, it is even very possible that when you make"effort"immediately emerge a rather strong pain.
    • Loss of appetite. We feel a very uncomfortable sensation of fullness. It is enough to eat very little to feel full. It is also usual that, despite noticeable intestinal gas, we are unable to expel them. Which adds to that sense of"fullness." Is very annoying.
    • Vomiting, Malaise and the fatigue Also often accompany the symptoms of appendicitis. These are signs that may appear even a few days before the pain becomes unbearable and we must go to the doctor urgently. It is worth bearing in mind.

But... What causes appendicitis?

Girl appendicitis

  • Hyperplasia of lymphoid follicles: The name is complicated, but it is easy to understand. This is very similar to what happens with our tonsils in the pharynx. They are elements that have their important function in the appendix, but when they become inflamed, they grow and obstruct it, which produces an infection and a fever. These infection processes are usually suffered from 8 to 30 years of age, so it is more frequent to suffer appendicitis at these ages.
  • Waste. Sometimes this part of the intestine ends up accumulating too much waste from the fecal process. It becomes clogged, diseased, becomes infected... As a result, good irrigation of the appendix ceases and obstruction occurs. Keep in mind, too, that suffering from periods of Continued constipation Puts us in this same danger. Little by little the intestine becomes lazy, causing inflammation, infections... and we must go carefully, because all this can lead to dangerous peritonitis.
  • Inflammation. The walls of the appendix are lined with small elements called lymphoid follicles. It is, as we have pointed out before, something very similar to the tonsils. Occasionally some disease or foreign elements cause the bacteria to adhere to them and infect them. It is very common, since we have only to remember that in our intestine we have numerous harmful bacteria, which can very well cause an infection and, consequently, an appendicitis.

Do not overlook the fact that You must take good care of your food. By this we do not mean that we can avoid suffering from appendicitis, but we can prevent it at least in a high probability. Thoroughly purify your body and avoid suffering numerous episodes of constipation is something always indispensable for our general health.

It drinks liquids, consumes fiber, vegetables and fresh fruit, without overlooking the excellent benefits of Probiotic foods . Food like Kefir, or Greek yogurt Have properties very suitable to provide us with good bacteria capable of protecting us. Another resource that you should not ignore is to consume, for example every morning, A glass of lukewarm water with lemon . It cleanses us, releases us from those negative toxins and gives us excellent vitamins to start the day.

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