At your side I do not need to sleep to dream

Being by someone who makes us dream , Which makes us see life with greater intensity while being satisfied to be as we are and to share experiences with that person is undoubtedly the most rewarding.

We all know that the love Is that"chemical explosion"that at times drives us crazy, at other times we are filled with sadness and, soon, we are in a state of magical balance that we would not change for nothing.

Relationships often go through many phases . That passion of the first years is slowly transforming into a wonderful complicity and, even if the"obsession"of the past is no longer present, they do not continue to dream.

We invite you to take into account those aspects that offer us well-being and"magic"in our affective relationships and, in turn, strengthen the bond.

By your side I can grow as a person and feel free

We will never know how long we will be next to someone.

However, far from worrying about tomorrow and what will happen, It is important that we focus on the present . In doing everything possible to be happy and, in turn, to give happiness to the other person.

We said at the beginning that we always look for those Couples That"make us dream". Our brain often has a certain addiction to those strong emotions charged with attraction, magnetism and intensity.

If this is so, it is because dopamine, as well as serotonin, act as powerful stimulants capable of making that infatuation sometimes a real"addiction."

We love that they make us dream, that fill us with multiple emotions and sensations. However, we must take care of an essential aspect: love should never be blind, There is no need to love with the heart and the brain blindfolded.

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After that previous passion, we have to give way to this complicity where we reach agreements, where we work every day in those small details that, without a doubt, build the most intimate relationships Happy And committed.

Let's look at it in detail.


I want to be part of you and grow at your side in freedom

To be next to somebody but at the same time â?? to be freeâ?? How do you get that? To understand it better, let us consider the following aspects.

  • People never stop growing personally and Emotionally . Throughout our life we ​​will feel multiple needs: leisure, social interests, professional and knowledge...
  • The classic idea that people never change is not entirely true. People"grow", and although we maintain our essences and our values, We are changing from our experiences and needs.
  • For a relationship to be healthy and happy, we need to have that person who is able to let us grow.
  • We are a couple, we have a commitment to each other, but that should not limit us to continue enriching ourselves with our friendships, our work, our hobbies...
  • In turn, the couple themselves"must grow." Nothing is going to be like the first few years; We are matured and new challenges are undoubtedly going to be put to the test: children, jobs, families, home changes, external or internal problems...

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The need to continue to nourish the illusion and the passion

The pillars of a relationship are: communication, passion And commitment. We could undoubtedly add many more, but we consider that these three aspects are what the day to day life is in a relationship.

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  • Cultivating the daily illusion and, in turn, encouraging passion, is an essential necessity to feel loved, desired and at the same time reaffirm ourselves as part of the life of the person we want.
  • The simple act of constructing an illusion, of projecting plans in the short and long term, is undoubtedly something very enriching. Sometimes you do not even need big things. A delusion It can be a trip, a last minute getaway...
  • At the same time, Passion is that engine we should never neglect And that factors such as routine or stress can undoubtedly weaken. Therefore, it is important to try to break from time to time our schedules or what"is expected."

Do not hesitate to surprise the person you love.

Caring, caring, doing things together...

Worrying about and caring for the other person is very important. Now, we must not fall into the error of letting these actions be"unidirectional".

  • Who cares, cares and cares also deserves the same. Because love is, above all, reciprocity, and we must also receive attention And those details that show us That affection that hides in the small things of the day to day .

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  • In turn, no relationship will be stable and happy if we stop doing things together. To do excursions, to go shopping, to cook, to play together, to take a bath in couple, to laugh at the same time for things that only we understand... It is something wonderful.

Couple-hiding-gift side by side

All these are invisible"gifts"that strengthen the bond and that make us immensely happy to have that special person at our side... Let's put it into practice.

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