Benefits of different types of hugs

More and more doctors and psychologists tell us about the healing or therapeutic power of hugs. It is not just a physical contact between two or more people, but it offers many benefits. Do you want to know the benefits of the embrace for our physical and mental health? Find out in the following article.

From the day we are born until the last day we are on this earth we need someone to hold us. A hug gives us security, tranquility, protection, love and brings a lot to our general well-being.

The hug, a special way to love

If everyone embraced more the people he loves, the world would be completely different and more peaceful. Giving or receiving a hug is simple, everyday. However, not everyone agrees to this benefit. We do not usually give it the importance it deserves, but it is one of the ways we have to tell the other how much we love it, we care and we are attentive to their needs.

There are many ways to express feelings, but the embrace is the most complete of all. It helps us in all aspects, including health and healing.


Given that hug is one of the purest ways we have to manifest our love, it is not strange to think that it has healing properties. A hug reduces pain, depression, tension and anxiety , Helps the sick to hope and move forward, allows premature babies to develop and strengthen themselves, increases children's IQ, maintains muscles in the shoulders and arms, is a stretching and flexing exercise, and Creates the closest ties that may exist between people.

Types of hugs

When we think of a hug we immediately envision couples in love. But there are other types of hug: parents, children, friends and even strangers:

Bear hug"

In this case, a taller person wraps a smaller one with his arms. But it does not always have to be that way in terms of heights. The one who gives the hug curves over the other and the one who receives that hug rests his head on the shoulder or the other's chest, in addition to surrounding the waist with his arms.

This type of hug is typical of parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren and also in the couple. It transmits messages of the type"count with me","I support you","I share your sadness"or"I am here".


It shows tenderness and kindness, and has spiritual properties. It is typical of friends or relatives of second order (ie, those who are not direct). You can stand, sitting or one person standing and the other sitting. It does not require complete physical contact. They press their cheeks against each other and is ideal for a moment of happiness.


Embrace of"A"

People stand face to face and place their arms around the Shoulders of the other. Each one rests the head on the other's shoulder and the body leans forward slightly, although there is no contact below the shoulders. This embrace is more formal or appropriate for recent relationships, also in relatives who have not seen for a long time.


It is given between three people, leaving one in the middle of the other two. Those who act as bread can hug each other by the waist or shoulders, giving security and support to the one in the middle (cheese). It is a typical embrace of families. The parents are on the sides and the children inside. This embrace is also given among a group of friends or when a couple wishes to comfort a third party.

Impetuous hug

It is brief and is characterized by a"hugger"that throws the arms in the body of the other. The embrace welcomes you with a pleasant sensation. Another way to give this hug is when two people run to meet and narrow with passion (As in the typical scenes of romantic movies). It is a short hug and is used for example to express affection or good luck.


Group hug

It is for the most intimate friends or families. They have to share a project or a common interest. All are placed in a circle and surrounded Waists And shoulders. One of the variables is that there is one person in the center and everyone else is hugging each other. It is synonymous with support, affection and security, as well as solidarity and unity.

Side hug

It is the typical hug for two people walking together, such as couples. They are taken either from the waist or from the shoulders. It is playful and cheerful, perfect for walks, waiting in line at the cinema or to take the bus.

Back hug

He is the one who, for example, gives the husband to his partner when he is in the kitchen preparing the Dinner . The man wraps his arms around the woman's waist and then approaches her with some pressure. He wants to show affection, gratitude and happiness.

Heart hug

It is considered as the"highest"embrace. It starts with two people face to face, standing. Shoulders surround back and shoulders, heads come together and establish greater physical contact. It is a very tender hug, expresses pure and unconditional love, devotion, surrender. It is sublime, long and genuine.

Hug"tailor made"

Adorable family baking together in the kitchen

It makes us feel wonderful, more than anything for the person who gives it, not for the way in which it embraces us. Many factors enter into this type of hug, from the environment to the moment, through the sensation and the effect that causes.

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