Bitter melon could stop cancer cells and diabetes

Bitter melon, also known as Chinese cacao, is a plant of tropical origin that is still under investigation, as it has been found to have important health benefits that could be key to future treatments for diseases such as cancer and diabetes .

The virtues of this plant have become popular all over the world and is currently consumed as tea in several countries around the world. The bitter melon tea is made from the stems and leaves of the plant. In stores we can find it in extract and in sachets.

Why is bitter melon so good?

Research has been studying the properties of bitter melon have found that this plant has a powerful action to combat diabetes, and Its consumption could prevent different degenerative diseases, due to its richness in natural antioxidants.

In Africa, Asia and Latin America, people with diabetes often consume bitter melon tea to reduce blood sugar levels. In fact, at the University of Maryland, they suggest that this plant could have important therapeutic effects on the metabolic disease, to the point that Is considered"vegetable insulin".

On the other hand, in investigations focused on its benefits to combat cancer, it was determined that some components of the Bitter melon Could be very beneficial, thanks to their high levels of antioxidants. According to the magazine" Cancer Research ", Several scientific studies have discovered That bitter melon extract could inhibit the growth of cancer cells that cause breast cancer.

Breast cancer

In other research conducted by the University of Colorado, It was found that bitter melon extract could reduce the size of pancreatic tumors by as much as 64%. In fact, this plant was recommended by Dr. Frank Shallenberger (specialist in anti-aging treatment and alternative medicine) to patients suffering from pancreatic cancer, in order to prevent the growth of cancer cells.

The best news is that these are not the only benefits of bitter melon. The studies carried out at this plant have also been able to determine that it is an excellent remedy to combat other health problems such as respiratory infections , Skin infections, stomach problems, and high blood pressure. Bitter melon is a rich source of nutrients such as the Vitamins B1, B2, B3, B9 and C, and minerals such as magnesium, zinc, phosphorus, manganese, fiber, iron, calcium and potassium.

Benefits of bitter melon for health


Here's how we can make all the benefits of bitter melon healthier:

  • You can fight type 2 diabetes: Because of their high content of phytonutrients and polypeptide-P (hypoglycemic peptide), which function as a"plant insulin", bitter melon can reduce sugar in the blood In patients with type 2 diabetes. Possesses a unique phytocomponent called carantine , Which is responsible for giving a hypoglycemic effect, which increases glycogen synthesis in liver cells.
  • Fight eye problems: Drinking bitter melon tea could help improve eye health and vision thanks to its contents Beta-carotenes.
  • Fight hangovers: The consumption of bitter melon tea accelerates the metabolism of alcohol in the body and, thanks to this, causes a feeling of well-being when suffering from annoying hangovers. It can also be consumed to Protect the liver Of the problems associated with alcohol consumption.
  • Contains folates: Folates containing bitter melon may help reduce the risk of neural tube defects in newborns.
  • Detoxify the body: Bitter melon tea has detoxifying properties that help eliminate excess toxins in the body, while promoting liver cleansing and blood circulation.
  • Provide energy: Bitter melon juice is recommended for Increase energy and physical performance.
  • Strengthen the immune system: Bitter melon contains essential nutrients that strengthen the immune system and help keep infections from viruses, bacteria and fungi away. In fact, thanks to this benefit also Prevents many diseases, especially those associated with the respiratory system.
  • Fight constipation : The consumption of bitter melon stimulates the digestion and favors the intestinal movement to combat problems of constipation .

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