Causes and natural remedies to treat gray hairs

If you are starting to fill with gray or silver hair on your head do not get depressed! It does not mean that you have aged. As believed until some time ago, gray hair was synonymous with being in the third age.

Nevertheless, Other causes for color change in hair have been discovered . Find out more in the following article, where we explain the causes and the natural remedies to treat this problem.

Why do gray hairs appear?

You do not have to worry about what you see in the mirror, do not start saying that you are old, that the years do not come alone, that now you are already to be a grandmother, that you are no longer in the"flower of life", etc. You can bet on being a sexy gray-haired like some Hollywood celebrities, Who do not want to dye their hair or bet on homemade recipe to treat gray hairs.

But why do gray hairs come out? When there is an accumulation of hydrogen peroxide. It does not matter so much the name of that component that puts the Hair Gray. What you should know is that it is due to wear and tear of the hair follicles , That is, where the hair is born. When the peroxide builds up, it blocks the synthesis of melanin, which is responsible for giving color to our beautiful hair.

If you're woman And you have discolored your hair (or some men too), you will know that Peroxide is one of the most used ingredients . The body produces it, but in small amounts.

When we get older or older, the body itself increases that amount, since it does not have the necessary dose of one above to break the peroxide and transform it into water and oxygen separately.


On the other hand, The hair can not repair itself the damage of the peroxide increase, due to the lack of enzymes (tyrosinases) that produce the melanin . While this explanation indicates that age has a lot to do with this process, it is not the only one. Genetics has a lot to do, for example.

There are also other reasons why peroxide starts to accumulate and enzymes do not do their job well:

  • the hormones
  • the weather
  • Genetic defects
  • Contaminants
  • The toxins
  • Exposure to certain substances.

What relationship exists between stress And the formation of gray hairs? Surely when we were little we heard our parents say that our mischief"were going to go gray in their heads"(or maybe you told your children). It has always been thought that the nerves cause gray hair, as well as the pressures, the obligations and, of course, the stress.

Have you started to wonder why some presidents (like Barack Obama or Rodríguez Zapatero) began their mandates with their hair of a color and when some time was gray? This is a theory that many scientists handle and although it has not yet been confirmed, it is worth remembering.

white hair

Stress causes many ailments in our body, both inside and outside. It produces neurotransmitters that can produce DNA damage. This could change, for example, the hair color. But let's not blame stress alone, because there are other Causes for gray hairs:

Genetic factors

Pay attention and remember at what age your parents started showing gray hairs. Sure you'll be surprised it was at a time similar to yours. The moment the hair starts to get gray is determined by genetics. If your ancestors had premature gray hair, it is more likely that you too .

Unbalanced diet

The food is related to all the processes that occur in our body. It is vital then, avoid the lack of vitamin B12, not to suffer from white hair before age 50.

The foods that most contain it are: egg, salmon, sardines and tuna. In turn, overeating coffee , Spices and fried foods could also advance this process.

Unhealthy Habits and Emotional Problems

White hair is the result of certain habits such as smoke , Drinking too much alcohol, not doing sports, etc. On the other hand, great dislikes or depressions can cause our hair to become white ahead of time. In some cases, the color returns to"normal"after that particular situation has passed.


Two natural remedies for treating gray hairs

If you have"white hair in gray"you can take advantage of the following two home remedies:


Massage the scalp with a little onion juice if you want to slow the progress of gray hair, as a study of the University of Bradford . One of the enzymes of this plant, catalase, decreases the amount of hydrogen peroxide, preventing it from accumulating in the hair follicles. Cut as thin as you can onion And make a paste or you can rub half an onion by the skin of the head.


Mask of Avocado

The avocado or avocado has many medicinal properties, due to the amount of healthy fatty acids that it contributes . In addition, it has minerals and vitamin E. The latter, is moisturizing, restructuring and antioxidant, avoiding the aging of the hair.

All these data arise from the research of the University of Los Angeles, California . Opens in the middle one avocado And place the pulp in a bowl. Apply on the scalp, let it act for 20 minutes and rinse. Then wash as usual.

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