Causes of burning when urinating in women

Do you feel pain when you go to the bathroom? Pain when urinating? Sometimes this reality is not just an infection. In fact, you should know that any infection in the urinary tract has an origin that we must know. We give you all the information below and the possible causes of such discomfort.

1. Urinary Tract Infection

By our feminine constitution, we are the ones who But we usually suffer from the classic urine infections . They usually originate from bacteria entering the urethra and Then to the bladder. We must be careful because, for example, in the bladder it can be continued in the kidneys.

Women, usually, have a slightly short urethra and located near the anus, unlike men, who have some more separation. Going to swimming pools, using contraceptive diaphragms, poor intimate hygiene or even sexual activity, can lead to Annoying urine infections . It is worth bearing in mind.

Many times a simple gesture is the cause, we explain. After urination, we must clean the paper from the vagina to the anus, never in the reverse direction, as we would drag bacteria that belong to the digestive tract to the genital area that could cause an infection.


2. A kidney infection

Sometimes An infection that originated in the bladder, and that was not well cured, can spread to the kidney . As we know the kidneys are responsible for filtering our blood, from Produce urine And eliminate what the body does not need. It may also happen that at any given time we do not also perform this filtration properly, that toxins accumulate and that an infection that always results in burning when urinating occurs.

3. Calculations in the bladder

It is something not as frequent as Urinary tract infection , But you should know that it is also a direct cause of pain when urinating. But how do calculations occur in the bladder? Bladder stones appear when urine found in the bladder Is concentrated, forming crystals. The more crystals, the more likely they are to appear.


4. Vaginitis

As doctors tell us, most of us We will experience vaginitis. What is it about? It is an inflammation of the mucous wall of the vagina, it would be what Is known as vulvovaginitis, a very common gynecological problem . A symptom to notice is when our flow ceases to have the characteristic whitish tone. If one day you notice that it is something darker, that it takes on a very unpleasant smell and you also feel burning when you urinate, go to your doctor to offer you the most appropriate treatment.

5. Chlamydia

Chlamydia is a sexually transmitted disease, it is one of the most common. We can suffer both men and women, and one way we will realize it is especially when going to the bathroom. You will feel burning when you urinate, as well as discomfort in the lower back, the hip . It is an infection, and as such it should be treated. We must go very carefully with this type of sexually transmitted diseases.

Urine infection

6. Herpes

Genital herpes May be another cause to consider when looking for the sources of burning when urinating. Doctors tell us that sometimes a herpes can go without too many symptoms, or we can even confuse them with a simple infection of the urinary tract. But sooner or later we will have some sore, some blister. This occurs when we maintain relationships with people who in turn also have genital herpes . Contact between mucous membranes - and more if there is any type of sore or blister - favors this appearance.

With this, we want to tell you that there are times when burning when you urinate in women may be due to sexually transmitted diseases.

7. Irritation of the vaginal tissues

There are times when we are overlooked and we do not think about it. Suddenly we feel burning when we urinate and we think immediately of an infection, of a kidney problem. But keep in mind that there are many elements that we use for our intimate hygiene What can cause us Allergic reactions, as well as irritation .

Lotions, soaps, creams , And even some type of compresses or underwear, can cause a sudden reaction in our body. You must be yourself to figure out what it might have been. If you see two days go by and the discomfort does not go away, go to your doctor.

To conclude, every time you feel burning when you urinate, it is best to Go to the doctor to get us a urine analysis With which to deduce what is due and what is its origin.

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