Charming ideas to take advantage of the pieces of fabric

Charming ideas to take advantage of the pieces of fabric

Surely you have at home scraps of old clothes, rags, towels or even curtains. Anything is valid if we have enough skill and imagination to turn those fabrics into something charming.

Take advantage of these small pieces can be from now on your new craft and pastime. You can do almost anything and transform an item in your home into something totally different. You can find in recycling the way to give that personal touch to all your objects .

Throwing the clothes is very painful and more when it comes to quality garments in which the textiles are linen or are kept soft and bright colors. If you're looking to give these fabrics a new life, do not stop reading these lines.

Ideas with charm to take advantage of the pieces of fabric 1

Take advantage of the pieces of fabric to make the following crafts

The best known technique for reusing these pieces is the patchwork , that is not more than the set of pieces of fabrics of different fabrics that go together to create from a blanket to a scarf or a hat.

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Materials needed for the vast majority of crafts

Probably to carry out the vast majority of crafts you need the same essential materials for paste, paint, assemble and decorate . Therefore, you do not have to stop having:

  • Glue gun
  • Tail glue
  • Acrylic paintings
  • Scissors
  • Cutter
  • Thread and needle
  • Sewing machine

You will not use all the materials in the same craft. However, you have an idea of ​​what is necessary to carry them out.


You can line a picture or a sheet with scraps, make a collage with the pieces and pieces you want . It is a simple and creative way to use every piece of cloth, no matter how small.

You can stick them directly on the sheet of cork or fine wood. You can also sew them with the help of a sewing machine and then place it more quickly by sticking it to the back. We leave that decision in your hand.


You can make amazing purses with a few scraps of used fabric. If you wish, you can combine colors and textures to make them more resistant purses .


Books that are most resistant to being read.

You can cover the screens of the lamps of your house with those fabrics. Look for different colors and that are not very thick fabrics: you have to keep passing the light through it and create a climate and a romantic atmosphere.

Cover books

In the same way that you cover a book with wrapping paper or newspaper so that your covers do not spoil, you can also line them with the scraps you want. Help yourself with the silicone gun to stick the pieces.

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Save your pins

Line a sponge with fabrics to create one of the most useful accessories for a seamstress: the pincushion. That way you'll have all your pins located!

Cushions with fabrics

Another use that you can give to that old clothes and that you no longer use is to turn it into wonderful cushions. Here we tell you how you can cover the cushions of your house with shirts.

Cloth bags

There's nothing better than wearing your own designs. Therefore, dare to make a cloth bag, you can customize it as you want, with colors or just with the same fabric . It may be one of the simplest crafts; Of course, if you use a sewing machine.

Line your old pouffe

If you have an old pouffe that is wearing out, do not throw it away or put a patch on it: Take advantage of your old pieces and cover them in parts pouf . This will give you a second life.

Apron or apron

If you are tired of staining while cooking and do not want to expose your clothes, use old clothes so that this does not happen again.

  • Use all the fabric you consider necessary . In fact you can use a long shirt or a dress as a base for the apron.

Rummage in your closet and locate those pieces that you can use from your old clothes. These are some ideas that you can carry out, however, there are no limits in your imagination. As we said, it can become your new hobby and, in addition, it is a A good way to use recycling to give away details to your friends and family.

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