Children who want to sleep in their parents' bed

Children who want to sleep in their parents' bed

Sleeping in the parents' bed is the desire of many children. It is a very common practice in families and as such has advantages and disadvantages. Some of its causes include fear of the dark, fear of being alone or attachment to parents.

When you are a child you want many things . Some of them are toys, sweets and being in the company of mom and dad all day. Nothing strange or strange! After all, who better than parents to endow their children with love and protection?

A common practice in families is that children want to sleep in their parents' bed. In fact, there are different explanations for this. However, the most important is of a biological nature. Human beings are fascinated by having contact with their peers . It does not matter if it's day or night.

Letting children sleep in their parents' bed is something that generates divided opinions. There are parents who love to sleep with their children . They argue that it helps them develop certain links. Others are not very likely to let their offspring sleep in their beds. These consider that the break of all is compromised.

Probably, your child's dream generates dilemmas. Does your little one wake up in the middle of the night? Can not sleep if he is not in your bed? Do not tighten your nerves! You can know exactly what needs to be done. Here we share information about children who want to sleep in their parents' bed.

Why do children want to sleep in their parents' bed?

There are children who want to sleep in their parents' bed for many reasons. Logically, these vary according to the ages of the children and their personality. It is also something that is strongly influenced by family dynamics and the relationship between parents and the child.

For example, babies between 0 and 2 years old are the ones who will most want to sleep with their parents . With them, solving the issue of sleeping alone can be more complex. Your verbal communication is minimal and it will be difficult for you to know the real reasons for your reluctance to stay in your bed. Likewise, they are beings who feel more attachment to their parents. Therefore, many parents agree to sleep with them.

Despite this, there are those who recommend (as far as possible) that the baby must sleep in his room from the fourth or fifth month born However, this is relative. In cultures where the co-sleeping It is very common, children sleep with their parents until they are 6 or 7 years old. In Japan, for example, it happens like this.

With respect to older children, it is easier to make them understand that they should sleep in their bed. Some, even, little by little are creating attachment with their spaces.

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Fear of the dark

Fear of the dark is one of the most common reasons why children want to sleep in their parents' bed. The child simply terrorizes the night or be in the dark . For that reason, he goes in search of support in his parents' room.

Usually, children who are afraid of the dark express it, so you can find a solution. You know the problem and you will deal with attacking it. You will not be trying to guess why your child does not want to sleep in his room, or rambling on in any other cause.

You should also pay attention to the topic of possible fear of the darkness of your child. This fear can be so strong, in some cases, that the child may suffer from nytophobia . And maybe you do not know it or you think it's normal and temporary.

Fear of being alone

Children who want to sleep in parents' bed 1

It is normal for children to feel fear or fear. It is something that you must understand because they are small and helpless beings. Therefore, the fear of being alone in your room will make your child want to sleep with you.

However, your task as a parent is not just to understand it. It's about you also helping him face his fears . This will help the child to start to stop feeling afraid and sleep in his bed. Likewise, it will be beneficial in the construction of the child's own inner strength.

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Attachment to parents

It is known that children feel a special connection with their parents . They want to spend a lot of time with you and share at all times. Some children more than others, but in all cases it is about child attachment. This is why the absence of the parents can be a cause for a child not to sleep in his bed.

Children see adults as an important source of protection . Especially, because they are at a stage where nightmares and fantastic beliefs are recurrent. At this point, your mission as a mom or dad is to encourage your child to have their own space. Otherwise, the child's attachment may become dependent not only during sleep.

Advantages of sleeping with children

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There is no consensus on the benefits or not of children sleeping with their parents . In fact, for some, this practice brings advantages for both the child and the parents. Some of the advantages of letting children sleep in their parents' beds are:

  • Tranquility for the child and the parents.
  • Possibility of attending the child much faster during the night .
  • Surveillance of the child's sleep.
  • Ease of breastfeeding at night, in the case of nursing babies.
  • Correction of episodes of Sleep apnea in the baby
  • Foster the bond between parents and child .
  • It helps to synchronize the dream of parents and child.

Disadvantages of sleeping with children

Letting children sleep in the parents' bed can be considered by many a harmless practice. Nevertheless, Sleeping with children also has its disadvantages . Some of these are:

  • Little rest for parents.
  • Creation of a certain child-parent dependency .
  • Loss of privacy of parents.
  • It favors the appearance of sleep disorders in the child
  • Risk of suffocation or crushing, especially in the case of babies.
  • It makes it difficult for the child to get used to sleeping alone later .


Sleeping or not with children is a personal decision of each parent . It may seem difficult to take, but the important thing is that you consider all the factors to know what to do in each case.

If you are one of the dads who want to encourage your child to sleep alone, there are many tips for you. You can generate in your child the habit of sleeping in his room from an early age . You can also let your child sleep with a little light, if he is one of those who fear darkness.

Also, you can create routines with your child before sleep. That will make you understand that it is time to go to bed. If you are one of the dads who love children sleeping in their beds, it is also valid. Parenting is the responsibility of each parent . Therefore, we advise you to examine the whole situation and do what is most beneficial for your child.

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