Common causes of dizziness and how to prevent them

Dizziness is a feeling that the person believes is going to faint or lose consciousness. There are different degrees of dizziness and are produced by various causes. In most cases, the symptoms disappear soon and do not usually need treatments. Care must be taken when dizziness occurs with little distance from each other, or if the sensation remains for more than an hour.

Causes of dizziness: banal and severe

Among the reasons why dizziness occurs, we can differentiate two large groups: the banal and the serious.

The first group is related to the lack of blood in the brain , because:

  • Sudden decrease in blood pressure.
  • Dehydration (Not having enough water in the body) from vomiting, diarrhea, fever, not drinking liquids for a long period.
  • Get up very fast from the bed or from a chair (more often in older people).
  • Reduction of blood sugar levels (Hypoglycemia, in patients with diabetes, mostly).
  • Heat stroke and spend long periods under the sun without protection.
  • Colds and flu Or allergies that do not allow to consume much liquid.
  • The movement in some means of transport (boat, plane, automobile).

The second group of causes of dizziness is composed of:

  • Heart problems, such as a heart attack .
  • Internal bleeding.
  • Stroke.
  • Embolism.
  • Shock and sudden drop in blood pressure.

In these cases, in addition to being dull, the patient suffers from other symptoms such as tachycardia, chest pain, cloudy vision or loss of speech.

Home Remedies to Treat Dizziness

As long as dizziness corresponds to the first group, there are some home treatments that can help reverse the picture. In case of the second group, you should go to the doctor immediately.

Eat chocolate

Firstly because it has sugar and can raise blood glucose. On the other hand, the fact of chewing something sweet serves for the brain to receive again blood . A small piece is enough.

Drink apple juice

This wonderful fruit has many properties, such as taking away sudden dizziness. If you feel that the floor is moving, Lie down and drink half a cup of apple juice. It also serves to increase sugar levels in the case of people with diabetes.


A spoonful of mint with sugar

If you have a mint plant, cut some leaves and combine with sugar. Eat like a treat. In about 5 minutes, you will no longer feel dizzy.

Drink tea with ginger

This home remedy is recommended for people who become dizzy when traveling. Just prepare a regular tea and add half a teaspoon of ginger grated. An infusion will suffice.

Cold-Heat treatment

If the dizziness is caused by a pain or contracture in the cervical, perform a cold-heat treatment in that area. Put ice cubes (always with a cloth or bag) first and then take a hot shower (you can also put a hot water bottle in the back of the neck).

Do you get dizzy when you travel? Pay attention to these tips

One of the most frequent causes of banal dizziness is the movement of the transport in which we find ourselves. 80% of the travelers suffer it and much have to see in the picture the stress, the anxiety, the nerves , Lack of sleep and jet lag.

If you tend to get dizzy every time you travel and really have a hard time on the plane, car, boat or train, keep in mind some tips:

Choose the areas of least movement Of each means of transport (the deck of the boat, seats near the wings of the airplane, the front seat of the car or the first train car).


When you sit down, Tilts head back To fully support the seat.

Avoid reading or any activity that requires view Fixed in a place like, for example, doing crossword puzzles, writing, etc.

Keep your vision axis at a 45 degree angle Above the horizon line. If you travel by boat, you can watch the waves or any object that is in movement.

If you are traveling in a cruise, try to acquire a cabin with good ventilation and as close as possible to the deck, to be able to exit Breathe fresh air when necessary .

In the car, it avoids very high heating or being too warm, as well as strong odors like that of tobacco (In addition, the cigarette smoke takes away a good part of the oxygen we breathe).

Do not consume too much alcohol or eat too much before traveling, Because that increases the possibility of dizziness. Also, do not go to a means of transport on an empty stomach, because the same thing can happen.


Consume during the journey small amounts of liquids (water, infusions or natural juices , No coffee, soft drinks or alcoholic beverages).

If the trip is short, try not to eat anything until you reach your destination.

More tips to avoid dizziness

  • Avoid sudden changes in position or posture, as the liquids in the inner ear canals are unbalanced.
  • If you think you're going to lose consciousness, Lie on the ground to avoid the blow in the fall.
  • Always have a candy in your handbag or pocket to eat at any time you lose blood sugar.
  • Sit in a chair and lift your legs while breathing slow and slow

Do not close your eyes, because that can make you dizzy even more.

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