Cup semi-coffee

He Coffee semi-tea Is a balanced and balanced dessert that will give you more of a good time. Semi-riffs are very versatile dishes, which can vary in flavor in a wide variety that includes fruits , Nuts, drinks, Liqueurs And other types of ingredients that will add some personality to the recipe. The coffee, on the other hand, brings that exotic flavor. It is ideal for those who do not like very sweet recipes.

Ingredients for 4 semi-coffee cups

  • 4 tablespoons Ground coffee
  • 650ml of cream
  • 100 grams of Brown sugar
  • 1 on unflavored gelatin


Coffee mint

The preparation of the semifrio is extremely simple and in this recipe the ground coffee is used, so that you can enjoy its flavor in all its splendor. However, it is a preparation that takes time to be at its point, so it is best not to do it to solve an immediate situation.

The first thing to do is to boil 2 water rates in a small pot, when it is bubbling put the coffee in a colander or in the coffee maker, You will see how the result is a very dark coffee .

While the coffee Is still hot, dissolve the jelly Without flavor, stir until the lumps are removed and the ingredients are completely incorporated.

Apart, In a medium saucepan, dissolve 50 ml of the cream over low heat, let it cook for a few minutes. When the cream is ready, incorporate some of the coffee with the gelatin and stir well. When the ingredients are well incorporated, let them rest briefly without fire, this is done to enhance the flavors of the coffee without the taste of the cream.

When the mixture is cold, simmer the rest of the cream and add gradually the preparation that we had at rest. When you have finished mixing everything, you can add the brown sugar. Slowly stir until all ingredients are thoroughly mixed.

Once you have your mixture ready, remove it from the fire and let it rest, now is the time to prepare your glasses. We recommend long glasses with wide mouth, as for example the glasses for ice cream, thus will fit a greater amount of the mixture. You can decorate the glass internally with liquid chocolate, which is used to decorate the ice cream, and make a nice design on the bottom and sides of the glass.

Once you have decorated the glasses to your liking, proceed to fill them with the mixture, being careful not to damage the designs you have created. Once they are ready, you must take them to the refrigerator and leave them overnight. You will know it is ready because it has a solid spongy texture.

To decorate your cup semi-coffee, we suggest you use whipped cream Or cream of coffee, you can also add cinnamon or cocoa powder, almonds and a granite of roasted coffee, and you are ready, also if you use this decoration, you will have a dessert with a very professional look.

Additional tips

Cafe - Halitosis

  • If you do not have ground coffee, you can use instant coffee, although this will affect the final taste of the preparation.
  • When you replace the ground coffee with the instant coffee, you must dissolve the gelatin separately in water, and add the coffee to the cream just after you have added the gelatin.
  • If you prefer to eliminate the sugar from the recipe, you can sweeten the semifrio with honey or Pan .
  • If you prefer a less loaded flavor, you can decrease the amount of coffee that you will add to the preparation.
  • To give more texture and flavor to the recipe, you can incorporate a piece of chocolate browine. Put the brownie in the bottom of the glass just before assembling the semifrio, the surprise in the end for who consumes it will be delicious.
  • It is important that this dessert is cooked over low heat, as it will prevent burn or evaporate too much liquid.

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