Decalogue to keep a fit young brain

There may be wrinkles on your face, gray hairs on your hair or even the pain of osteoarthritis in your hands when you reach a certain age. However, despite all this, you can still Keep a young brain And fit your whole life.

Do you think it's impossible? Absolutely. Think of your brain as a muscle to exercise each day, to feed and to Offer interesting stimuli With which to give more and more strength. In the end, no matter how old you are, he will still be young.

Do you want to know how to get it?

1. Walk an hour a day


We recommend it in our space almost daily: walks, Walks , Walk, move your legs through a stage that allows you to relax and, in turn, force you to start your heart . Few things are as healthy as practicing a little daily exercise.

Physical activity combats cognitive impairment, reduces stress and stimulates the growth of new nerve cells in our hippocampus. We strengthen our memory and feel better emotionally. What are you waiting for to go out for a walk?

2. Have your own hobbies

Do you know how healthy it can be to have an affinity? The simple fact of dedicating a few hours a day to doing something that we really like or are passionate about is like"putting fuel" In our brain. No matter what the task is, from collecting cards, knitting, drawing, writing, gardening or caring for your pets.

One of the biggest enemies that keeps us from holding a young brain is the routine. Doing the same thing every day seriously deteriorates our cognitive functions, so do not hesitate... Enjoy what you like so much!

3. Adequate food

Feeding brain

Blood glucose added to a high level of bad cholesterol are two direct antagonists to our brain health.

You will be surprised to know, for example, that Doctors sometimes call dementias" diabetes Type III" , Because in most of these pathologies neurodegenerative problems associated with atherosclerosis are observed, diseases caused by inadequate feeding.

Always keep a varied, balanced and fat-free diet!

4. Pure air

Many studies warn us of something very striking: the atmosphere we breathe in large cities makes us sick, raises our anxiety levels and can also act as a trigger of cerebral strokes.

Escape to the countryside whenever you can, breathe fresh air, fresh and healthy air.

5. Sleeps 6 to 8 hours a day

To sleep Rigmarole

Chronic insomnia is a"fierce"enemy of our brain . It causes us to lose our mental agility, to have failures of memory and to suffer stress and anxiety . It is a very serious problem that we must deal with, since it is so important to be physically and intellectually active, as to allow our brain to enjoy at least 6 hours of sleep followed.

6. Are you a smoker?

We do not have to say that smoking is bad, that smoking not only takes millions of lives throughout the year but also leaves many relatives without Their loved ones. So, if it is your case, if you are a smoker, start today to leave this habit so dangerous.

7. The importance of social relations


Having a sincere and stable social circle in our lives brings us great benefits. It is they who listen to us when we have a problem, who encourage us to leave home and escape the routine... A good friends are essential to maintain a brain young.

8. What if we learn something new every day?

Be interested in life, in knowledge, in learning new things every day. What if you open your own page on the internet and talk about your day to day? Or one of those recipes that you get so good? Life is full of things to experience and to enrich ourselves mentally, and we assure you that it is worth it, and that will certainly help you maintain a young brain.

9. Maintain optimism


Being optimistic is like taking a daily vitamin , Is the best medicine to keep the mood and deal with this complex life. Surely on more than one occasion you have met those negative people that you feel like escaping, escape because they envelop you in their discouragement, in their tunnel of darkness.

Not worth it. Learn to wake up with a smile, to cultivate a simple delusion Everyday and to be optimistic.

10. Love, enjoy life

If you have experienced an emotional disappointment, do not close the doors of your heart forever. Love is an adventure that is always worthwhile. However, you also do not obsess about having a partner : The important thing is that you never lose the capacity to love yours and yourself.

Enjoy these children if you have them, your friends, your relatives, your pets, love those around you and always wish you the best. And do not forget to love yourself, for who you are and who you are. Good self-esteem is also essential to maintaining a young brain.

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