Detoxifies the liver in a fortnight

The liver is the organ that suffers most from the consequences of poor diet, excessive bad habits and negative emotions. That is why, this January is ideal so that we can perform a liver cleanse naturally.

Discover in this article the tips to detoxify your liver in 15 days, following these guidelines of food and natural health. With this simple cure you will feel more vital, light and happy.


He breakfast Is the most important meal of the day, since it is the one that has to give us energy and good humor for the whole day. It is a serious mistake to skip breakfast , And not only does it not help us maintain a balanced weight, but it also causes us to have more appetite at other times of day and to start the day tired or grumpy.

In this cure of fifteen days we propose you Take a glass of warm water, a spoonful of good quality olive oil and juice of half a lemon . You can take these three things together or separately. This first step will help us to cleanse toxins and put into operation the organs, especially the liver.

Next, we will prepare a breakfast that will consist of a smoothie . Although the ingredients may surprise us, we should not stop taking it by its appearance, since the taste will be delicious.

We will beat the following ingredients:

  • A fruit to choose between apple or pear
  • Medium ripe banana
  • A handful of fresh and tender spinach leaves
  • A small spoonful of spirulina powder
  • Two prunes boneless
  • A handful of nuts (nuts, almonds or hazelnuts): better if we can grind them before
  • Half glass of oat drink
  • A pinch of ginger and cinnamon powder
  • A small spoonful of brewer's yeast powder
  • A small spoonful of good quality coconut oil

We will beat the ingredients well until obtaining a texture as homogeneous as possible. We should not drink the whole shake, but we will do it slowly or we will take the shake to drink it throughout the morning.

This milkshake is highly nutritious, Regulates our blood sugar levels, fights anxiety and of course, regulates the function of our liver.

Green smoothie vanessa ivonne


Food is also an important moment, especially if in the afternoon we still have to carry out work or efforts. We will try to eat evenly and watch over not overload ourselves.

The menu should consist of:

  • Salad, gazpacho or vegetable
  • Whole grain cereal or starch: rice, semolina, potato, sweet potato, whole wheat bread, etc.
  • Protein: Lean meat, fish, egg, legumes or vegetable protein (tofu, seitan, tempe)
  • Greases Healthy: olive oil, nuts, avocado.

We can go alternating these foods, but watching whenever there is a part of each.

Tempe 2 miriamwilcox

We will try to do without the desserts , Which often worsen digestion, but in case of hunger we can choose one of these options:

  • Apple, pear, pineapple or papaya
  • Homemade applesauce
  • Cottage cheese with honey
  • Nuts
  • An infusion


Dinner is crucial if we want to take care of our liver, since it is a time of day when our body hardly needs energy. We will simply eat something light so we do not go hungry , But we must be very rigorous with this if we want the cleansing diet to be effective.

We propose several different dinners for you to choose the ones that you prefer and to go alternating them:

  • Vegetable cream with grated hard-boiled egg and some brown bread
  • Gazpacho and grilled fish
  • Zucchini omelet with some salad
  • Sautéed vegetables, mushrooms and fresh cheese
  • Rice or corn tortillas with tomato, avocado and turkey
  • Applesauce with a little cottage cheese and walnuts

Carrot Cream Soup Chris Campbell

Between hours

To complete the liver detoxification we can reinforce the benefits of this feeding by taking during the day some beneficial infusions for the liver. We can choose and combine among the following:

  • Dandelion
  • Thistle
  • Boldo
  • Alcachofera

Add a little lemon juice and sweeten them with stevia. If we take them at night, a little before going to bed, we multiply their effects, because it is at night when the function of liver depuratia is greater.
Images courtesy of vanessayavonne, miriamwilcox and Chris Campbell

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