Did you know what the chicken nuggets are made of?

Surely you know that food that can be purchased at the local fast food or frozen to fry at home. They show us in the advertisements very golden and crisp and seem a real temptation. But... Did you know what the Chicken Nuggets ? In the next note you will find out. Then you will decide whether you want to eat them or not.

Their delicious and idyllic image makes their mouths water more than one. We believe it is a healthier version for our children or if the doctor said enough of red meat for the cholesterol , We think a chicken nugget will not raise triglyceride levels. Let's think for a moment before choosing this menu at fast food venues or as an alternative when we do not know what to prepare for dinner or what to bring at the lunch to work or school.

How are the chicken nuggets made?

The stuffing that makes them so delicious chicken nugget And that you usually eat as an alternative to hamburgers seems a kind of yoghurt Of frozen strawberries or a giant chewing gum. Actually, Is a pink paste, a consequence of grinding mechanically separated whole chickens. This is what reveals in his blog Early Onset of Night the American Michael Kindt.

But the matter does not end there. The mass resulting from this technique is full of bacteria. So, to eliminate them, what do they do? They wash it with ammonia. So simple and disgusting at the same time . But of course, if that were all we would realize when opening one of those snacks. Therefore, the mechanism that hides the taste and smell of this chemical disinfectant is"capped"with flavor and artificial colorant (if we think, there are also a lot of these additives that we usually consume in other foods).

The renowned chef James Olivier was responsible for publicizing the process of making the famous Chicken Nuggets in his show TV Called Food Revolution and is broadcast by ABC. He made his own demonstration of the process of elaboration with the aim that the parents stop giving this food to their children. However, it did not achieve the expected success.

Later, The NatGeo channel retransmitted in a program the way in which the foods were processed under the technique of"mechanical separation ", Where the beginnings of the chicken nuggets are explained a bit more.


Huffington Post investigation into"fake food"

The title of this internationally recognized newspaper article is"Fake Food, Is That What You Call Chicken?"It was revealed that nuggets not only have poultry meat (which is the only thing they should contain), But also viscera, bones Crushed, fats, veins, nerves, cartilage and about 30 additives. They have less than 50% of their chicken composition, the rest are all mixtures.

" When you order fast food you are aware that it is not a very healthy dish, but at least you expect it to be eaten. The chicken is chicken and the meat is meat, right?" This is how the Huffington Post article begins.

This media has carried out a series of studies on"fake food". In the case of the well-known chicken nuggets, only half are actually meat of this animal (although with a not too healthy process), but At the same time it has three dozens of ingredients added, among them the sulfate of aluminum.

The American Journal of Medicine compared the nuggets offered in two fast food chains (without saying what they were, although we can deduce them). These had only 50% chicken meat and the rest were a mixture of cartilage, nerves, crushed bones, veins and fat.

According to Dr. Richard D. deShazo of the University of Mississippi Medical Center,"companies have chosen to use an artificial mixture that combines parts of chicken instead of low-fat meat. This is buttered, fried and continue to say that it is chicken. It is a product based on chicken, but also has many calories, salt, sugar And fats. So it's not healthy at all."

Dr. David Katz of Yale University says that this mixture can be very harmful, although not yet have many results of studies done. But it has been confirmed that knowing that blood vessels, crushed bones and nerves are processed on their own can not stop people from consuming them, but also know which additives are used to give it consistency and taste Of the chicken. So the main problem of chicken nuggets is not the parts of the animal, but the preservatives and chemical additives that are added to them.


Returning to the study of the Huffington Post, they have been found in a piece of fried chicken of these characteristics an antifoam called Dimethylpolysiloxane , Present in antifreezes for cars. These additives have not yet been declared harmful, but they are not claimed to be beneficial either. Another manufacturer of this fast food dish added monosodium glutamate, related to headaches and excessive sweating. In all cases, it has a good amount of dextrose, an added sugar. Ten units contains 900 mg of sodium Ante of frying, well above the recommended daily dose.

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