Dilated pores? Try these 3 masks!

The Dilated pores Are very common among the population. It is that nuance that, at times, forces us to have to use some more makeup to attenuate them. But before covering them, it is worth treating its origin. We explained it to you.

1. What is the cause of enlarged pores?


They bother us. We know that they are not due to any disease, which has no negative consequences. However, we do not like them. Many women decide Conceal them with makeup , But something like that has the effect of worsening the situation.

We fill those Dilated pores Of substances that dirty them even more and that worsen their appearance. The causes for which we usually present this hue so common in our skin are the following:

  • We must remember that the skin has Glands producing sebum . The pores we see open are the result of the outlet ducts of these glands.
  • The fact that the pores are more or less large is sometimes due to genetic factors, Excess fat Or sweating, or improper cleansing of our complexion.
  • To a larger pore, more amount of sebum than we produce. This is not bad, on the contrary. This prevents infections, and lubricate the face better, although obviously, this means having The brighter face . With more fat.
  • The area where we usually show enlarged pores is in nose .

2. Masks suitable for dilated pores

1. Mask of wheat flour and lemon

  • Half a glass of warm water.
  • 3 tablespoons of wheat flour.
  • The juice of medium lemon .

Why is this mask suitable for treating dilated pores? We must remember that The lemon is a great astringent , Ideal for treating excess fat, blackheads and dilated pores.

As for wheat, it is incredibly Beneficial for the skin . It has zinc, vitamin E and vitamins of group B. It provides nutrition, Attenuates the fat effect , Moisturizes, gives elasticity and closes the open pores. It is ideal. Do you want to know how to elaborate it?

  • It's very easy to do. You just have to get a paste thick enough to apply it on the face. Mix the flour, water and lemon until it is evenly homogeneous.
  • Apply it on your face 20 minutes Y seeks not to gesticulate.
  • Then remove it with fresh water, then apply your usual moisturizer.
  • Perfect to do in the evenings and twice a week.


2. Aloe vera and orange face mask

  • The juice of an orange.
  • One tablespoon of gel aloe vera .

This combination may surprise you, but it is one of the most effective for Treat dilated pores. Orange is rich in vitamin C, exfoliates and cleans pores. In addition, it has a type of acids called Alpha hydroxy, ideal to gradually closing our pores.

As for aloe vera, it is wonderful for the skin. It balances, tones and tones the skin, While at the same time attenuating any imperfection. Take note of how to make your mask.

  • Get first the Orange juice.
  • Extract one tablespoon of aloe vera gel.
  • Heat the orange juice a little, and gradually add the aloe. In this way we will mix both ingredients much better.
  • Once it is well homogeneous, allow it to cool slightly. If it is lukewarm much better. Apply with cotton wool.
  • Let the mask act on 20 minutes, Then remove with fresh water.
  • Then apply a moisturizer.


3. Baking Soda and Egg White Mask

  • Half a glass of milk.
  • A spoonful of sodium bicarbonate .
  • The white of an egg.

An ideal remedy for treating dilated pores. Bicarbonate acts as an excellent astringent, treats and exfoliates the skin properly. Combined with milk and egg white, you will get Nourish and tone your skin . Take note of how to do it:

  • Heat the milk a little warm.
  • Add a small spoonful of Baking soda and egg white .
  • You can use the mixer or a spoon to mix well. We seek to make everything homogenous and unified.
  • The paste that you will get will be rather liquid, so we will use a cotton to apply it on the skin.
  • In this case, what we will do is massage the skin well instead of letting it act. Make circles with the cotton to tone and stimulate the pore, that way the bicarbonate acts better.
  • Perfect to do two days a week. Once you have Massaged your skin 15 minutes, rinse with fresh water and moisturise. Very easy.

Salt on the skin

Finally, we would like to point out that these masks are ideal for applying after A hot shower. The steam will have opened more pores and our natural remedies will perform better.

Use that mask you like the most. All are For oily skin. The best thing is always to maintain a good cleaning and apply after them an appropriate moisturizer. Little by little your dilated pores will fade.

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