Discover 5 mistakes we made when we got up in the morning

The alarm sounds and you have to get going. How do you do it normally? Do you quickly get out of bed, you shower, you eat something, you dress and you go out? There are many mistakes we make when we wake up in the morning , Details that, believe it or not, affect your health very much.

We invite you to know them below. Surely the information interests you.

1. Do not get up fast from the bed! Always calm


We usually have two bad habits. The first is to program a loud sound on our alarm clock to wake us up, and the second, get up immediately from the bed. You must keep in mind that we have passed between 6 and 8 hours In a horizontal position and that, therefore, our postural axis must assume a new position little by little.

If we do it quickly, we can get dizzy, so, starting today, Take these simple tips into account:

  • We will wake up calmly, as if it were a relaxation ritual.
  • Set the alarm clock 10 minutes earlier than usual and choose a relaxing music. Never put the classic "Beep-beep-beep".
  • The first thing to do is to sit up and sit on the bed, and then take a deep breath for two minutes.
  • make Some small stretches arms. Join your hands and stretch your arms over your head and then repeat the same left and right.
  • Now turn the neck slowly by making circular motions. Calmly.
  • Get back in the air, and get up. You're ready!

2. Leave home without breakfast: Big mistake!


You have to arrange the children, take them to school and get to work on time. Prepare lunches, bathe, get dressed, take your pet out... There are many things! And sometimes we even worry about others leaving the house well fed And we neglect ourselves . It's a mistake!

  • Wake up before To have time. It is important to get up in the morning calmly and have enough time to have a relaxed breakfast.
  • There are many people that first thing to do is to have a good cup of coffee , and nothing more. Other error. Ideally, Start with a glass of warm water with lemon , Then wait for 15 to 20 minutes to continue your breakfast. You can take advantage, for example, to take a shower. After this, you can take that rich coffee, accompanied, yes, with some fiber, some protein and some fruit. That way, we leave the house with the necessary nutrients and energy.

3. Just open your eyes, look at the mobile

Sleeping-with-cell phones

We lack time to see how our social networks go, to know what news has happened during the night, or to see if we have received a new message. Calm down You have all day for it! It is best to wake up relaxed, Away from all those technologies .

Get up, take a shower and Have breakfast In front of a window trying to give you the air. It is better that in those first moments of the day we are far from the electromagnetic waves emitted by these devices.

4. Take a shower with hot water


We love the hot water, but not always the best, especially in the mornings. In this first moment of the day We need to activate ourselves And for this, it will always be better if the water is not at very high temperatures. Ideally, for example, starting with warm water and ending with a cold stream, legs .

Direct the cold water to Your calves will prevent you from feeling swollen or heavy , Will also reactivate the feet, making sure that they are ready for a day's work. Do we try tomorrow? You'll see how good it makes you feel!

5. Leaving home in a bad mood

positive thinking

We are waiting for a long day's work, we leave home quickly and we have endless things to do."How tired, I do not know how I will reach the end of the day!" This is a very common phrase that either we tell ourselves, or we hear others.

The Negative thoughts open doors to our well-being , Take away quality of life almost without us noticing. We do things in disgust and stop valuing important things. Take the test tomorrow. Leave home with another attitude, try to"install"on your brain The following ideas:

  • Today things are going to work out for me, sure is a good day.
  • I'll try Enjoy everything you do And whatever happens to me. I'm going to leave relaxed, I'm going to take a walk to work looking at everything that is around me: people, shop windows, parks.
  • I'm going to see the good side of my co-workers and my bosses.
  • I'm going to get over at work. The most important thing is that I feel proud of myself.
  • When I finish my day, I'm going to give myself a little whim. Something simple: I'll have a coffee in that pretty cafe or I'll take a walk in that park. Or I may call that person I have not seen in a long time.

As you can see, there are many mistakes we usually make when we wake up in the morning. Elementary aspects that, somehow, take away a little health every day. So, remember: Our quality of life is built on very simple things and A good optimism . Do we put it into practice?

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