Discover fungus that can cause female orgasms by just smelling it

Nature has given us as a gift all kinds of plants and medicinal substances Which have served to prevent and treat various diseases, and also for our sexual well-being.

In the search to satisfy our most intimate needs and to solve some inconveniences that arise in this aspect, for years there have been several investigations, which have served to discover the famous"aphrodisiacs"to increase libido and pleasure .

Among these, scientists have come across A rather peculiar and little-known fungus that could directly benefit women .

It is a species of bright orange fungus that apparently only grows between the volcanic rock of Hawaii (United States), which could be between 600 and 10,000 years old.

What has drawn attention is that it could induce women to have Spontaneous orgasms with just the smell of the aroma that fires.

He study Was published in Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms (Volume 3), written by scientists John C. Holliday and Noah Soule, and recently came to light after being published in the British newspaper The Independent .

Its effects were discovered in 2001 and American doctors described it as a potent aphrodisiac female .

The fungus was named after Dictyophora , Which comes from the ancient Greek words Diktyon ("Network") and Phero ("give").

Holliday and Soule said in their report:

On the island of Hawaii, in the Central Pacific, there has long been rumors of the existence of bright orange mushrooms with peculiar properties. Found growing only in recent lava flows between 600 and 10,000 years old, this fungus variety has the reputation of being a potent female aphrodisiac when it is smelled.

The study…

The study

In order to verify the effect of this mushroom on the woman, the researchers visited the island of Hawaii and experimented with 16 women And 16 men.

After smelling the spores of it, Six of the women experienced a spontaneous orgasm , While the rest suffered changes in their heart rate.

For their part, the men did not suffer any kind of effect, and all they manifested was to feel a foul odor.

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And why does that reaction in women?

And why does this reaction in women

The hypothesis that the scientists handle is that in the spores of this fungus there are compounds with an action similar to that of the neurotransmitters that are activated in the human brain when they have Sexual relations .

However, as with this type of studies, More evidence is needed to make affirmations ; In addition, it remains to be analyzed why some women experience immediate orgasms and others only have slight effects.

For now, without knowing if more research will be done or if in the future will be used for female pleasure, we will have to settle for knowing its existence. Would you be willing to smell it?

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