Discover how to clean and disinfect your mattress: Take care of your health!

Do you know how many Mites Can they be living right now on your mattress? Between 100,000 and 10,000,000 depending on their age. It is a direct risk to our health. It is even possible that, to this day, you are suffering from allergies and insomnia problems without knowing that the real problem"sleeps"every day on your mattress.

What can we do? Experts recommend us Changing the mattress every 10 years , But everything will also depend on its quality and how you are in it. What we do know is that, throughout the useful life of a mattress, it is essential to carry out periodic cleaning in order to get rid of the terrible mites.

Today, in our space, we explain how you can Disinfect your mattress . It's really easy!

The importance of cleaning and disinfecting the mattress


It is possible that on more than one occasion you have heard of that study that recommends"not make the bed"or, at least, allow it to spend about two hours before fixing it. Well, this theory is only partly true. It is imperative that we open the windows to allow the air to ventilate the bed. However, According to immunologists, two things will happen:

  • The mites will die.
  • We must remember that the mites are arthropods, that is, they have an exoskeleton. Therefore, upon dying , That skin and that external skeleton will be adhered to our sheets, pillows and mattresses , Being a focus of danger for all allergic person.
  • The normal thing is to change the sheets every week and, with that, we renew the bed and the danger of the mites but, what happens with the mattress? It is the part of the bed Where most dust mites are stored, both living and dead, that is, with their exoskeletons still attached. It is therefore imperative to disinfect the mattress at least once a month.

Effects of mites on our health

  • Mites are about Arachnids of microscopic size Which can very well cross the fabric of our sheets from the mattress. That is, even if you change your sheets regularly, the presence of mites on the mattress can still be dangerous.
  • You should know that allergic reactions come from two sources: Of feces of the mites and of the dead mites themselves . That is why, even if you ventilate your bed and decide not to do it, your skeletons will remain attached to the fabric causing health problems.
  • One of the most common symptoms for your health is To suffer allergies , Symptoms that would start with tearing, Red eyes , Sneezing, asthma, cough, runny nose, sore throat ...
  • Awakening with many legas in the eyes is also usually an effect of the mites.
  • Skin problems, insomnia and headache Are also symptoms that we must keep in mind. If your mattress is more than 10 years old these will be the most obvious effects for our health.

How to clean and disinfect our mattress


What do I need to clean and disinfect my mattress?

  • A glass of sodium bicarbonate (250 grams).
  • 5 drops of tea tree essential oil.
  • A plastic container with lid.
  • A strainer or a strainer.

How do I do it?

  • Too easy. The first thing we will do is remove the sheets and take the mattress to a place where it gives the sun and where we have enough space to move and clean. The ideal is, without doubt, a balcony or a terrace.
  • Why are we going to use baking soda? Because it is an essential, economic and effective element to help us in our daily cleaning. It allows us to eliminate moisture, deodorize and eliminate all kinds of bacteria, dirt and, above all, annoying mites. As for the Tea tree essential oil, As you know, is one of the best natural disinfectants that exist. You can find it easily in natural stores. It is not expensive and will serve you for many applications: to make hand sanitizers, to clean the bath , Or the kitchen... It has a pleasant smell and will also make your mattress again have that pleasant aroma of"new".
  • What we are going to do is very simple. Take a plastic container and put in it 250 grams of bicarbonate. Now add the 5 drops of essential oil and stir well to combine the two. Perfect, you're almost done!
  • Next step? Now, Through the sieve or the strainer see this mixture by spreading bicarbonate and essential oil On your mattress. First we will do it on the one hand and we will allow it to act for one hour. Then do it on the other side and let it also act for one hour. In this way, we will disinfect our mattress.
  • Finally, you only have to Pass your vacuum cleaner over the surface of the mattress To remove any dirt attached to the bicarbonate. As you can see, this is a really easy and ideal trick to do once a month. In this way, you will get a deeper and healthier rest, you will notice it especially when getting up in the morning. Do we put it into practice?

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