Discover the delicious naturally flavored waters

The water is becoming more fashionable with slight touches of flavor. The one that is sold already prepared usually contains sugar or sweeteners and the flavors are mostly artificial, in addition to contain other additives.

In this article we make some suggestions for you to elaborate at home. Not only will it be much easier and enjoyable to drink water during the day, but you can also surprise your guests and the little ones with these amazing drinks. Discover how you can prepare them using fruits, flowers and aromatic plants in multiple ways.

Taste and color

We already know that we should drink about two liters of water a day out of meals, but most of us find it hard to force ourselves to drink and sometimes even forget. But it is essential to do it for our health, so these slightly flavored drinks will help us to do it more pleasantly, since they will add a touch of flavor without consuming artificial flavorings or sugars. They hardly have calories and if you want to sweeten them a little, although the fruit will give you a little taste, we recommend you add a couple of drops of Stevia .

How do you make it

Preparing the flavored waters is as simple as Add the fruit to pieces in the cold water at least one hour before consuming it . If we are in a hurry or we want to boost the flavor we will only have to punch them with the help of a fork, so that they give off their aromas more quickly.

We recommend that you keep them in the refrigerator and serve them well, cold and with ice.

In addition, they are the ideal alternative for children's parties, not to abuse sugary drinks and children are attracted by their colors.

Finally, We recommend using freshly picked aromatic plants . We can have them planted in pots, ready to be used with all its aroma.

Strawberry, lemon and mint water

The red color of the Strawberries In contrast to lemon yellow is excellent for preparing one of these drinks, and also combine sweet and acid flavors very well. We recommend that you also add some fresh mint leaves that you can crush a little before adding them. The taste will be very refreshing, ideal for hot days.

Water strawberries laelomo

Watermelon water and basil

This combination may surprise you, but it is delicious and will leave guests with their mouths open. You can add the watermelon even with your skin, and the basil leaves should be very fresh to aromaticen the water well.

Orange, cinnamon and clove water

This aromatic drink is ideal To give us energy and vitality and to delight us by its curious aromatic flavor . The orange We will add it chopped with its peeling and its juice, but also we can put directly its peeling directly. In that case we recommend that they be ecological oranges.

Cinnamon sticks and cloves will give it a delicious flavor.

We recommend having it in maceration longer than usual, at least three hours, so that the spices give off all their aroma.

Orange ecstaticist

Lemon and rosemary water

This delicate drink is also Very therapeutic and depurative , Thanks to its ingredients. We can use limes or lemons in the same way as oranges, including their beneficial peeling. He rosemary , On the other hand, should be fresh, if possible freshly caught.

Rose petal water

We had heard of the water of roses For its traditional uses for the beauty of the skin, but what if we take it? A romantic and delicate drink, ideal for celebrations or special dinners, that will give a beautiful image to the table and we will intoxicate with its aroma. We can combine rose petals of different colors and we recommend adding a few drops of lime to the drink.

Pink water petalouda62

Tangerine and lavender water

Citrus fruits have Relaxing properties , Just like the lavender , And for that reason we propose this drink in which to the water we will add pieces of tangerine and fresh lavender flowers. The purple and orange colors and the sweet aromas will create a unique drink.

Organic fruits, plants or spices should always be used to prevent pesticides or additives from being transferred into the water and the result is more harmful than beneficial.

Images courtesy of petalouda62, ecstaticist, Marinate Me Baby and laelomo

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