Discover what happens in Piplantri when a girl is born

Piplantri Is a locality of India. A very arid place where a story has emerged that deserves to be known. This is an account of hope and humanity, of second chances in a country where the figure of women has a very complicated role.

We are sure that you will be moved by this small reflection of a society that makes efforts to change, to improve. To give strength and push the women, working For her future and that of those girls , Who, like any person, deserve to be happy.

The figure of women in India


Surely you already know the difficult Position of women in this country . India is a patriarchal and patrilineal country. This means that families will always prefer the birth of a child rather than that of a girl. Males are the ones who provide the sustenance to the home, the central figure that provides security and no additional cost to the family .

However, bringing a child to the world means that tomorrow the family will have to Offer a dowry to the girl To achieve an adequate marriage. This tradition tried to eradicate itself in the 60s, however, it has continued to maintain itself with the force of always. But what does this social reality mean for a country as humble as India?

You can imagine it. Female feticides Are very frequent. Choosing that girls do not get to live is a silenced but constant practice that is causing a very clear reality. A tragedy silent, but manifest.

As an example, we have only to look at the sex ratio in India. There are cities in which the number of men far exceeds that of women. Something clamorous is happening in this country. A social sadness worth knowing. Not to mention the contemptuous treatment that women often suffer from. Violations, mistreatment... Something lamentable, no doubt.

However, what is happening in Piplantri is a beautiful breath of hope.

A girl, a forest

We are in a small town of Rajasthan. It is an arid place by the marble industry and the prospecting, so that the whole land, until a few years ago, was little more than a desert. An area very devastated also by the effect of the monsoons.

Six years ago a precious initiative began to be put into practice. Each time a girl is born, 111 trees are planted. Throughout the life of the little girl, both she and the family will have to take care of those trees and the plants that are also planted around, such as aloe vera .


When girls become of age, these trees are already worth a good amount of money. And what is more interesting, they allow the girl to have a way of life. They elaborate Gels, soaps And fruit oils with aloe . They market it and make an economic profit. In addition, they bring incredible ecological value to the population.

In 6 years leading this project in progress, There are already almost 285,000 trees . This means that Piplantri is no longer a desert. That the soil already has many nutrients, that begins to be rich to be able to cultivate. And even more. If 6 years ago they had to excavate almost 200 meters to find water, now, with a depth of only 3 meters and find it.


The effect of the monsoon is no longer so intense, since the soil is stronger. It no longer sweeps, but nourishes and nourishes the ground even more. Now, the birth of a child is a symbol of prosperity for the community. Is A fact that fills with joy To the family and to the neighbors. And girls grow up safely knowing they have a job. A Future project And a horizon full of hope.

Hopefully The initiative developed in Piplantri Reach all of India.

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