Do not try to change me, love me as I am

In many of our relationships We want to"unconsciously"change the person before us . This is more pronounced in relationships, where we always ask the other person to change.

Now, have you ever considered that person to be thinking of"love me as I am"and not"how do you want me to be"?

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Love me as I am, with my virtues and my defects

All people are imperfect And conforming to the other because our partner is not a valid option, on several occasions. Each of us is unique, special.

We should never change for anyone , But only change if we ourselves want it. Always keep in mind, because it is something that we always fall into.


If a person wants to change us, that person does not really appreciate you . What happens if you do not change? Things will go wrong and the relation to the garete.

That is why, who more or less, ends up feeling like a puppet And this can not be allowed, you will not be happy.

People who want to share their life with us should accept us As we are, without pretending to modify our essence. The moment we allow it, we stop being ourselves and we become totally different.

We have always defended the fact of loving us as we are. When someone changes and we allow it is because we are insecure and We believe that for the relationship to go well we have to change .

The problem is that this does not end up solving the problem.

Take care of yourself to change your life

You may not be two people who must be together; Maybe that desire and love have been undermined over time because, in reality, you are very different from each other.

Perhaps there are other problems that you do not want to deepen and that is why you camouflage them under the alternative of changing. An option more than incorrect.

Love me more love me better

There are very Toxic Which, unintentionally, Try to manipulate others at will .

This happens in many relationships and is when these situations arise in which someone wants to change. They may want to be with you, they may really love you. But this is not the way. They do not accept you as you are.

Girl-eyes-bandaged-in love

We are very afraid to break a relationship because we have not changed , We always tend to give almost everything, to lose our essence so that we are not blamed that we have not done anything for the relationship.

However, what you are doing, allowing them to change you, is not something positive, but quite the opposite.

Sometimes, we do not know how to differentiate between wanting much or wanting with quality. It is preferable that someone wants you less, but that want is much better than someone who loves you very much.

Do not settle for anything, you do not deserve to be loved badly.

If you have low self-esteem or you suffer from insecurity, You'll probably settle for that person who wants to change you . You think that way you will be happier, that it is your fault that your relationship goes wrong. Nothing is further from reality.

How can the relationship be better if you are not happy?

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You can never be comfortable if you change because someone else needs it . You have to change for your own good, but not to satisfy the desires of another person who, perhaps, wants to manipulate you.

Yes, there are many couples in which covert manipulation is hardly appreciated.


Beware of all those toxic relationships In which you can see submerged and that you can not perceive clearly.

Love blinds us and we believe that we have to do certain things, like change, so that the other person knows that we are fighting for the relationship, that we are making a great effort to make everything go well.

It is clear that we must strive, but never to such an extent that it costs us our own essence, our own being.

The next time someone asks you to change, answer him:"love me as I am because I will not change."

Your partner should accept you as you are And if it does not, it's not worth it. This is not a test of love, this is a test of manipulation.

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