Do your gums bleed usually? These remedies solve it

Do your gums bleed usually? These remedies solve it

When the gums bleed we must pay attention to our oral hygiene, but also to our health in general. Some natural remedies can help us reduce inflammation and combat the acidity that causes this problem.

In this article we share some Homemade solutions to improve gum health and prevent other disorders more serious as periodontitis. We will also discover some simple and very effective tips related to eating to prevent dental problems.

Why do my gums bleed?

First of all, to improve the health of our gums and teeth we should always carry out a good oral hygiene daily, after each meal. We must also take into account what type of toothpaste we use. However, we can not forget the true cause of why the gums bleed.

From the perspective of holistic and natural medicine, the gums bleed due to some type of disorder that affects the intestine . It may not be a serious problem, but there is an imbalance that we should address. We may also have other conditions because of an excess of acidity and a tendency to inflammation .

Natural medicine

1. Oil wheeled

Oil swishes for when the gums bleed

A natural and homemade treatment that has been carried out since ancient times in India to improve disorders that affect the mouth and the entire digestive tract are swish or oil rinses on an empty stomach. With this method We contribute to eliminate toxins and bacteria and reduce inflammation and acidification .

How do we make them?

  • To make the swish we just have to make rinses with coconut, sunflower or sesame oil for 15 minutes before brushing our teeth, always fasting.
  • We will pass the oil through our mouth.
  • Then we will spit it out and we will brush our teeth well.
  • We will do it every day, at least, for a month.

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2. Baking soda

We have commented that one of the causes of bleeding gums is the excess acidity of the mouth, which has an intestinal origin. Therefore, to balance the oral pH we can resort to some natural remedy with alkalizing properties .

He sodium bicarbonate It is an excellent option, as long as we use it in very small quantities so as not to overdo it. Therefore, with the tip of the finger we will take a pinch of bicarbonate and we will put it in the mouth two or three times a day to alkalize the saliva in a smooth and progressive way.

3. Infusion of plantain and sage

For those people who prefer a traditional and simple remedy, we present the rinses with infusion of plantain and sage . The combination of these two medicinal plants is very effective when the gums bleed.

Sage is antiseptic, while plantain is astringent and healing . In this way, if we rinse three times a day after meals, we will improve the health of the gums and accelerate the healing of any ulceration or inflammation of the mouth.

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4. Sea water rinse

Sea water rinses for when the gums bleed

A rinse that does not require any type of preparation is that of sea ​​water . This miraculous liquid, rich in minerals and trace elements, It has a great alkalizing, antiseptic and regenerative power . However, we must use clean seawater, which is now marketed in some supermarkets and natural products stores.

  • If we choose to collect the water ourselves, we must do it in very clean areas and avoid bathing times.
  • We will do it first thing in the morning and for that we will submerge a bottle down to avoid the most superficial layer of water, in which more toxic substances accumulate.

Other tips

For these remedies to be effective we must take into account these final tips:

  • Use a sulfate-free natural toothpaste , made with ingredients such as clay, xylitol, charcoal, coconut oil or essential oils.
  • Clean the interdental space well with thread or dental floss.
  • Take a supplement vitamin C daily.
  • Reduce the consumption of refined flours, dairy products and sugars.
  • Improve the functioning of our organs, especially the intestine, liver and kidneys.
  • Go to our dentist if we detect a deviation of the teeth.
  • Fight bruxism if we suffer it.
  • Completely eliminate tobacco

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