Easy recipe: Bread Loaf

Lasagna is not easy, but to do Bread loaf Yes it is When we make this Italian dish, there are a lot of things at stake: béchamel cream, Bolognese sauce, the exact cooking of the pasta, Sometimes we do not have much free time and less to make a lasagna with all of the law .

For those people who give them laziness or who the obligations earn, For those who are not very fond of cooking , Here is a very easy recipe for Pan lasagna, Whose result will have nothing to envy the classic lasagna.

This recipe is ideal for those days when we do not want to enter the kitchen and also fit as a ring finger for singles. In fact, this dish would be in one of those easy cookbooks for single people, that the truth Anyone with or without gastronomic knowledge, can do it in a two by three.

The loaf of bread is a curious and fun recipe Perfect for time-trial lunches or when you do not know what to do with bread and do not want to eat more sandwiches.

Bread is one of the basic ingredients of world food, There are many types and the mold is perfect to prepare sandwiches and breakfasts accompanied by scrambled eggs, and now you can also surprise with our simple recipe lasagne"express"

What do we need to make pan lasagna?

oat bread

In addition to being easy, The bread loaf recipe needs few ingredients And in fact, we can make it with the surplus that we keep in the refrigerator. Come on, cooking is not just about making the most elaborate food with exotic ingredients! The gastronomic genius has more to do with Reuse ingredients And spectacularly present a simple and tasty dish.

Ingredients for four servings

  • 8 loaves of mold
  • Bolognese sauce (homemade is always better, but as the recipe has that spirit Fastfood Worth the sauce bought in the store)
  • Cream the bechamel sauce
  • Mozzarella cheese in strips
  • Grated cheese

Steps to prepare the loaf of bread


For bechamel

  • We make a Roux Golden and reserve. Meanwhile, in a pot, pour Two cups milk and one" Onion chop" (Half onion with cloves and a bay leaf).
  • Let cook for three minutes , Ensuring that the preparation does not boil. Pour the roux, a touch of nutmeg, salt and stir constantly until the béchamel has the proper texture.
  • We discard the cloves and the bay leaf . We passed the mixture through the blender To remove lumps.

With our bechamel list we started to make our lasagna

  • In a refractory mold, preferably rectangular, we place a little Béchamel cream , A layer of bread of mold, we serve the Bolognese And a layer of cooked ham. This last ingredient is to taste.
  • Cover with another layer of pan loaf , We add the cream or bechamel, slices of mozzarella cheese, and bolognese sauce.
  • Again, we make a layer of mold bread, we add bolognese sauce, cooked ham, mozarella cheese and cover with a last layer of mold bread.
  • Add cream and press for the bread to moisten. Now place the grated cheese and Bake for 10 minutes .

This It's a full meal , Therefore, there is no need for a garrison or escort. The loaf of bread, contains a high percentage of calories and carbohydrates, so we recommend Consume it in lunches and without excesses .

Wait! We do not want to close this post without inviting you to do an exercise of imagination. The same process, but with homemade bread or whole, a rich vegetable stew (ratatouille), Vegetarian bolognese sauce ... And for a more radical turn How about a loaf of bread with a sautéed spinach with salmon and cream? It would look just as delicious and You would reduce fat consumption per serving!

Cheer up and create your own version Of this delicious loaf of toast!

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