Fat in the liver: What symptoms do you have?

An unhealthy lifestyle, overweight, or inadequate food are undoubtedly direct factors that cause The dreaded fatty liver . Experts tell us that it is one of the most common pathologies today but, even so, it is a reversible disease. That is, by certain guidelines we can eliminate that excess fat in the liver.

Let's talk about it in our space today. Let's see what symptoms usually present, to be able to act as soon as possible. And remember, when in doubt, before any discomfort, do not hesitate to go to your doctor. Your health comes first!

1. What is fatty liver? What causes it?

In medicine it is known fatty liver as "hepatic steatosis" . We must say, first of all, that it is a benign disease; However, if not treated properly, it can lead to more serious long-term illness.

What happens, roughly, is that In our liver are stored fatty acids and triglycerides , Which make this organ, vital for our organism, get sick. "Collapses", so to speak, so that it no longer performs its functions of metabolization and purification of toxic substances with the same effectiveness as before.

You should also know that when there is a Excess fat In the liver, it suffers small constant wounds that it tries to repair. Small scars appear Permanent lesions that are also known as"cirrhosis". It is important to keep this in mind.

Doctors tell us that, generally, we all have fat in the liver. However, at the time when This fat exceeds 10% , We consider that we are already suffering from"liver steatosis"and, therefore, this will be noticed in our blood, which will contain a small excess of harmful elements that the liver has not been able to process correctly. Not counting, of course, with the consequent liver problems, such as inflammation, discomfort...

What causes fatty liver?

Many people immediately associate fatty liver with problems with alcohol or some rather harmful lifestyle habits. It is not entirely true. There are more factors that can cause it , Hence it is worth bearing in mind:

  • Problems of being overweight obesity.
  • Inherited metabolic disorders.
  • From the age of 50, the risk of having excess fat in the liver is more likely, all due to a bad nutrition Maintained throughout that time.
  • Continued abuse of Certain medicines Can also cause this problem. An example? Anti-inflammatories, analgesics, aspirin, tamoxifen and even steroids.
  • We must also be very careful with Triglycerides . If the cholesterol Bad, in the long run, an excess of fat may appear in the liver.
  • Type 2 diabetes is also often a cause that we should keep in mind.

How do I know if I have fat in the liver?


There are numerous symptoms that, somehow, Can be confused with other ailments. However, the main thing is that you suffer several of these indicators for some weeks. The moment you realize that you are not able to lead a normal life and that these symptoms do not allow you to eat normally or keep your current work pace, go to your doctor.

Do we take note?

The fatigue

One of the most striking indicators is that people who have diseased liver or an excess of fat in their liver cells present A very pronounced fatigue . It is especially noticeable in the mornings: they find it hard to get up, get together and find the strength to start the day. Exhaustion is also very pronounced just after foods .


When there is excess fat in the liver, it tends to become inflamed and increase in size. The abdomen hurts and we notice a very characteristic discomfort Under the ribs radiating up to the back area . It is a pressure that can be transformed into a kind of"hot pain,"like a burning plate.

Lack of appetite

The fatty liver causes, in turn, a general malaise that causes that, little by little, we are losing the appetite . Digestions become heavier and even painful until, in the end, We ended up thinning In a very striking and dangerous way.

The risk of cirrhosis

As we have already pointed out, having an excess of fat in the liver causes a series of lesions and scars to appear Cirrhosis . If left untreated, End up causing jaundice , That is, our skin, and even our eyes, have a yellowish color.

Another symptom that must be taken into account is the swelling of our body, feet, legs, face... The cause? Our liver already Does not adequately synthesize proteins. There is a deficit that is counteracted by the accumulation of liquids.

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In conclusion, the presence of excess fat in the liver is a risk to our health which, if not treated properly, can cause more serious problems. Keep these symptoms in mind and go to your doctor as soon as possible.

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