Gastritis, natural remedies for your treatment

Gastritis ... Have you ever had them? Then you know how painful it is and the discomfort it causes in our day to day life. Inflammation in the stomach, irritation, burning... Very sharp symptoms that take several days to disappear.

How can we treat it? It will always be our doctor who prescribes the most appropriate treatment. We, at home, can always complement it with Simple natural remedies . Simple, economical and effective means that always deliver good results. do you want to know what is it about?

1. Drink of parsley


The treatment based on parsley is Very effective to solve the problems of gastritis. A remedy as old as simple that is worth putting into practice during those days when the discomfort is stronger.

You should know that parsley Has all these wonderful properties:

  • It is a natural source rich in vitamins A, B, C, E, K.
  • Parsley is an excellent diuretic, very suitable for its healing properties at the digestive level.
  • It calms the burning of the stomach, the inflammation and the gases. It offers a great rest throughout the digestive and intestinal tract.

To benefit from the benefits of parsley, nothing better than preparing a proper infusion. How? Very easy, follow these guidelines

  • We will make a smoothie with 150 grams of parsley and a liter of water.
  • Once this mixture is done, allow it to stand for two hours.
  • After this time, pour the water and put it in a glass bottle, where it does not give the sun. We will drink this remedy throughout the day and at room temperature. The water should not be cold or hot.

2. Rice water

Rice water

Rice water is another Very traditional remedy to treat gastritis . Surely you've heard of him on occasion. It reduces inflammation, pain, gas and that pressure so upset in the abdomen. Nor should we forget that rice water is very rich in minerals and vitamins.

And how do we prepare it? Very easy. You only have to put a liter of water to boil and add 150 grams of rice. Let it cook normally, then separate the water from the rice . It is what we will drink throughout the day, Always at room temperature . Easy, right?

3. Carrot and celery juice

Carrot juice

Do you know the secret of these two wonderful vegetables? Both the carrot and the celery Act as two excellent anti-inflammatories . They reduce the burning of the walls of the stomach, reduce the sensation of swelling and, in addition, they contribute us rich minerals and vitamins.

If you have ever had gastritis, remember that you remember Lack of appetite, nausea and that feeling of weakness . This natural juice will act as a good replenishing agent. To benefit from all your properties, follow these guidelines:

  • Grab two carrots and two celery .
  • Clean them well and put them in the blender together with a glass of water (250 ml).
  • Get a good homogenous juice and drink at your lunch or dinner. It's delicious.

4. Apple and chamomile infusion

Cranberry juice smanzana and plums

You may be surprised by this combination. It is a truly medicinal remedy that is worth trying every time you suffer from gastritis. Do you want to know why?

  • The infusion of apple relaxes the stomach, calms the acidity , Deflates the belly and cures gastritis.
  • The infusion of a Apple Allows us to treat any case of infection.
  • This remedy is very suitable when, for example, we feel nauseous.

To prepare this simple home treatment, You need a raw apple, peeled and chopped S. You should boil a glass of water in the teapot (250 ml). Once it has boiled, add the apple and a bag of chamomile infusion.

Allow it to boil several times. We need the apple to cook for at least 20 minutes. Once this infusion is ready, it allows it to rest and lower the temperature. Strain the contents and stay with only the water. We will drink it at room temperature in the mornings . It is delicious!

5. Pear and ginger smoothie

Ginger-1-bone-thin It is possible that you have ever tasted the classic pear and ginger jam. It's a delicious snack perfect for any dessert. Rich and healthy. In addition to this sweet, you should know that When it comes to treating gastritis There is another remedy as simple as effective. We explain:

  • The fact of combining the pear with ginger , Will allow us to treat both inflammation and pain. You know that ginger acts as a natural painkiller: it is a medicinal plant capable of relieving stomach pain.
  • The pear is a very suitable fruit to take when we suffer gastritis. Rich in minerals and vitamins, the pear is very easy to digest. It has fiber and also helps us to desinflamar.
  • To perform this simple treatment, We will do a decoction very similar to the previous option , The apple. Peel and cut the pear and put it with about 300 ml of water to make the cooking. Add 20 grams of ginger. Allow to cook, then pass this mixture through the blender. Once you have obtained a very homogenous juice, drink it slowly. Ideal for dinners.

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