Great tips for looking thicker tabs

Who would not want to look like Thicker eyelashes ? We love to beautify them , Also take care of them... Whatever it takes to achieve a spectacular look with which to love and transmit the maximum health and optimism.

But quiet, you do not need to spend a fortune on cosmetics to treat them. exist Simple home tricks Which are excellent for day to day. We invite you to discover them with us.

1. We will start with a good diet


You may be one of those people with tabs Somewhat thin and unpopulated . Nothing happens, there are many women who can solve this problem. It is clear, for example, that the genetic factor determines most of our traits.

However, Specific feeding and proper make-up tricks We can get it. And no, we're not going to use false eyelashes at all. With a little time and good habits we will achieve our goal. It is best to start from the inside.

Dermatologists of Madrid Institute of Dermatology and Aesthetics (IMDE) Remind us that a well balanced diet where there are no fats and where we raise our consumption of vitamin A, B, C and E, will allow us to look more populated, long and shiny. Why not follow his advice?

  • The almonds. What if we take 6 almonds a day? They are rich in Vitamin E, perfect for nourishing the hair follicles of the eyelash. They also have polyphenol, an antioxidant that will keep us from falling.
  • Olive oil . Surely you already knew. Olive oil strengthens the eyelashes and provides us with lots of vitamin E, in addition to antioxidants capable of fighting against aging and the weakness of them.
  • The beans. Natural resource of iron, zinc, and B vitamins. And what do these elements offer us for the health of our eyelashes? They strengthen them, nourish them, give them oxygen... They are excellent.
  • Broccoli. Few vegetables are so healthy for our basic functions, as well as for our beauty. Did you know for example that broccoli Does it give you keratin? Thanks to it, your lashes will be more dense, strong and elastic.
  • Avocado. There are many studies that claim that consuming avocado A day brings us more than 20 vitamins and minerals. All of them ideal for getting more dense eyelashes.

Easy beauty tips for thicker eyelashes


1. Brushing the eyelashes at night

Something as easy as cash. Think of your eyelashes as in your hair . Something very effective for Stimulate their growth Is to brush them. This eliminates dead cells and stimulates the circulation of the area. A daily routine with good results.

2. Treatment with castor oil

Infallible, effective and economical. It is worth having it always at home and on your beauty set. Few oils are as useful to our eyelashes as Castor oil , A natural resource with which Achieve maximum hydration In our eyelashes.

To benefit from it is enough to give a small massage with a cotton well soaked in this oil. If you do it at night after having brushed them, you will see how your eyelashes gradually, look more dense.

3. The trick of talcum powder

This fantastic trick is one of the secrets of the make-up artists of the stars. It is so simple that it will surprise you:

  • First we take the mascara and apply it and N the tips of the eyelashes, Taking care that they are well separated.
  • After, Delicately sprinkle eyelashes with talcum powder . In this way we give them density. You can apply it with another brush of mascara, as you see in the image below. It is easier.
  • When they are already covered (take care that it does not enter the eye), apply mascara again. You know that the best thing, to make the eyelashes look dense, is to apply from the root Of the same and in ascending direction. Never leave the tips, since it is that detail that gives more length to them.


4. Should the mascara always be black?

This is sometimes the golden question. The truth is no, not always. There are several resources that can serve us very well to show more dense tabs:

  • The mascara with Transparent brightness . It brings light, density and a spectacular look especially for mornings. If you correct your circles correctly, you will get a very Chic
  • Mascara Brown color Combined with black: another make-up trick. From the root to the middle eyelash we apply the brown mascara. Then the ends are delicately bordered with black mascara, so they look long and thick. Have you tried it yet? Is amazing.

5. Beware of curlers and mascara Waterproof

We know that The curlers They offer us a very beautiful touch in the look, but it should not be abused. Doing it every day punishes the eyelashes and we risk weakening them. If for whatever reason, you are forced to curl them always, remember to moisturize them at least twice a day With Vaseline Or castor oil.

The same is true of Waterproof mascara. We know that thanks to its composition lasts much longer, and we can even go to the pool or the beach with it without it disappears. But what is its drawback? It costs a lot to remove it, since there are always small strokes of the product that can damage the eyelash.

It is best not to abuse these two elements. For the rest, and to conclude, these simple tips are t As easy as economic , Effective tricks for all of us. With them you will undoubtedly achieve thicker and more beautiful lashes.

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