Have you had a bad day? Keep in mind these 5 aspects

You've come home, you close the door, and you let out a long sigh of weariness. Today It has been a bad day. , One of those that you do not know very well how to face and that you want to forget as soon as possible. What is the best we can do in these cases? What is the healthiest way to confront these common days?

We invite you to discover these Simple reflections Which will undoubtedly help you.

1. Do not take the bad day to bed


It is something we do frequently: get home and go straight to bed to forget that bad day as soon as possible. Does it serve this purpose? Absolutely This behavior will have two consequences:

  • To sleep bad to have Difficulty falling asleep And further increase our anxiety .
  • A bad day does not always fade away asleep. Most likely, when you wake up in the morning, that discomfort will rise again.
  • The most suitable is Manage those problems the day before we go to sleep. Try to put a solution and turn the page to that discomfort before going to bed. In that way, the dream will be more comforting and we will get up with more courage.

2. The importance of good days and bad days


Life is bordered by good experiences from which to enjoy and Bad experiences to learn. Having a bad day is and will be something habitual throughout our life, but the important thing, the essential thing, is our attitude before those moments.

  • There are people that Magnify the negative aspects too much Lived throughout the day. Verbalizations like"bad things always happen to me","I always have bad luck"or"no matter how hard I try, everything goes wrong"will not help us at all.
  • We need to be aware that we can not have absolute control over all things that occur throughout the day. There are good times and bad times, and We have to learn everything . The negative aspects force us to have to reflect, to think about whether we should make any changes.
  • A bad day should not block you and you should not run away from what has happened. Think, value and conclude what you can do to make tomorrow a better day.
  • Avoid being fatalistic first: if today has been a bad day, it does not have to be morning . A positive attitude is the best armor for this sometimes complex life.

3. The Importance of Emotional Relief

Sad woman

Do you need to cry? Do it. Do you need to be alone? Look for an instant of intimacy. People need to vent in those moments where The emotions surpass us. If not, prefer to forget what happened by going to bed as soon as possible. sleep , The problem will become larger.

  • Allow yourself a moment of solitude where you can relieve that discomfort. It is possible that tears do not serve you this time of relief, so a very healthy option is, for example, writing.
  • Grab a notebook and write the first thing that comes to your mind: a word, a phrase, an exclamation. Then try Rearrange your inner ideas Through this structure:"What do I feel? What makes me feel this way? What I can do to feel better?". It is a simple strategy that can be very healthy.

4. Let them help you


You've had a bad day and you just need to go home and be alone. Maybe a relaxing bath, a light dinner and go to bed soon. It is right? Not always. Sometimes it can be cathartic speak with someone, With that person who always cares sincerely and who knows that he understands you.

Let others help you. Life is not an empty room where to advance in solitude, but we grow in the company of others and it is always easier if we support each other. Talk to you couple Or call that friend with whom you get along so well and talk about that bad day.

Surely with the help of others relativize a little problems and you realize that you are not alone; That we all have bad days and that we always get over it. In particular, if We managed to vent and even share smiles.

5. You deserve that gift


Have you had a bad day? Make a gift! Sometimes, something as simple as taking a walk in the park, having coffee, an ice cream or watching a movie, may Mental rest very significant. Simple things that alleviate and give us rest, allowing us in turn to relativize many of those problems of the day.

To make a gift to us is not to be selfish, especially if you are of those who scarcely cost money. Personal satisfaction with which to face a not very positive day, those that we all experience regularly. It is normal, bad days have always existed and will exist, but the essential thing is the attitude with which we face these moments.

Everything happens, tomorrow will be a new day and the sun will rise for you If you wait with optimism . We tried?

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