Healthy juices for your stomach

To ensure our well-being we must ensure that every part of our organism functions properly. This can be achieved if we regulate our food and increase the intake of some foods that may be beneficial for their nutritional contribution.

The digestive system is one of the most attacked by food factors, since the sensitivity of this zone to ingest some products can be reflected in abdominal cramps, heaviness, inflammation and, for the aesthetic side, is the area in which there is a Greater accumulation of fat. Fortunately, There are different foods that become allies of a good digestion , Of the desinflamación and that they work to slim or reduce the fat that accumulates in this area of ​​our body.

Although eating habits are key to improving digestive health, we can also support its functioning if we provide you with the essential nutrients you need every day. One way to provide these nutrients is through the consumption of natural juices; This time we will share with you the best juices to improve the health of your stomach.

Green juice

Green leafy vegetable juices are a rich source of magnesium and fiber, essential nutrients in cleansing, deflating and cleaning the stomach. They also make great contributions to the nervous system. It is recommended to consume this juice or smoothie During the first hours of the morning, as it helps to deflate the belly and improves intestinal transit.

To prepare it you must mix in a blender avocado pulp, spinach leaves, ripe banana, natural apple juice and a little honey. You can add some water to facilitate the smoothie.

Papaya shake

Papaya burns fat

This shake is ideal for belly disinflation and improve digestive health. It is prepared with:

  • Papaya (it is recommended to leave the seed as it has antiparasitic properties).
  • Flax seeds (must soak from the previous night in a little water).
  • mango.
  • Zest of orange peel.
  • Honey or stevia.

These ingredients are blended in a blender until the seeds, both flax and papaya, are finely crushed.

Citrus juice

Citrus juice has the perfect composition of nutrients that provide the body with detoxifying effects and decreases the fluid retention . This juice is made with a grapefruit, two leaves of spinach, juice of three oranges, juice of two kiwis, a slice of pineapple and a cup of papaya cut into squares. All ingredients are liquefied until a consistent, liquid mixture is obtained.

Celery and pineapple juice


This juice is ideal for stimulating digestion, combating constipation and detoxifying the body. It is prepared with a stalk of celery, the juice of a lemon, two carrots peeled and chopped, a yellow apple and two slices of pineapple. All ingredients are liquefied and preferably consumed on an empty stomach.

Juices to improve digestion and have a flat belly

  • There is an ideal juice to reduce the presence of Belly fat And get a flatter abdomen. To prepare it you need six small radishes, chopped into pieces, the juice of two carrots, two tablespoons of very fine chopped parsley, two tablespoons of chopped green paprika and the water necessary to be able to liquefy the ingredients. You should drink a glass every day on an empty stomach. To obtain good results it is very important to supplement the consumption of this juice with a good exercise routine That help to activate the metabolism. This juice is low in calories, lowers appetite and is ideal for improving fluid retention factors.
  • Another juice that has slimming properties and helps to show a better silhouette is as follows: three quarts of orange juice and three medium sized guavas are liquefied in small pieces. He must drink on an empty stomach, every day.
  • Finally, an easy-to-prepare juice but with great properties for the digestive system is lemon juice. It fights nausea and facilitates digestion in general. Taking this juice in the morning and at night can improve your digestive system and overall your quality of life.
  • It is also recommended to take aloe juice or add your pulp to others, as it helps to improve constipation and Colon cleansing And abdomen.

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