Home Remedies to Eliminate Mold from Home

Mold. There is nothing more annoying and unhealthy than those mushrooms that grow in the damp spaces of our home, in the kitchen, in the tiles, in the carpet, in the walls and in those unsuspected corners where, suddenly, we find those uncomfortable spots .

Mold is not anything. There are millions of people who come to their health centers each year for asthma attacks and Allergic reactions that require treatment . And not only that, if we do not act quickly against mold, it can permanently damage the surfaces where it is, whether floors, fabrics or woods.

Hence the importance of establishing a periodic cleaning in all these spaces, through the most useful methods to get rid of this annoying everyday enemy. Do you want to know how to get it?

We teach you!

What is mold and why does it appear?

Aspergillus rust

Mold is a type of fungus. It does not belong to the animal or plant kingdom. They are a type of different cells that grow in colonies, as long as The necessary conditions exist:

  • Adequate oxygen level.
  • High humidity.
  • Temperature also high.

Obviously, we can not have our home at very low temperatures throughout the year. It is impossible, so the only thing we can do is control the humidity and establish periodic cleanings. Remember also that there are different types of mold and some of them are really toxic such as, for example, Aspergillus . People who have respiratory problems They may experience very serious reactions when they come in contact with them.

How can we prevent and eliminate mold?

Sometimes we buy chemicals in stores that, far from giving us the results we expect, cause more risks than benefits. exist Really practical and economical solutions That will help us in that day to day. Affordable ideas with which to effectively eliminate mold. Take note:

1. Moisture control

Bright bedroom

As we have already noted, we can not always have our house at low temperatures to avoid the presence of these unhealthy fungi, but what we can do is Control moisture. We explain how:

  • To mold you love the little ventilated spaces and with high temperatures . Hence it always appears in the basements, under the woods, in the corners of our kitchen, in the cupboards, in the storage rooms... A simple solution is to regularly ventilate these spaces.
  • Open the windows of your rooms, your kitchen And let the breeze renew these spaces. It is almost the same as with our beds: you know that it is not good to lay it straight away and leave it neatly just rising. The ideal is to allow the ambient air a little the sheets to take away the mites. With mold happens the same.
  • If the problem of mold is something serious in your home , You always have the option of installing small air purifiers. This option would already cost us money but, if you have a person with respiratory problems at home, it would be advisable.

2. Tea Tree Oil

Therapeutic Uses of Tea Tree Essential Oil

We have talked to you on more than one occasion about the great benefits of tea tree oil. It is the best natural disinfectant that exists and the best results will offer you. You can buy it in any natural store or specialized supermarket. It will serve you for many things and is really handy for removing mold. Take note of how to do it:


  • 2 tablespoons Tea tree oil (40 grams).
  • 2 cups of water (500 ml).
  • A bottle with diffuser.
  • Gloves.


First and foremost, remember to wear gloves to protect yourself. Mold can cause you unexpected reactions and it is best not to touch it with your hands. Once ready, you only have to Mix the water with the tea tree oil in the bottle and shake, Then use the diffuser and apply the mixture to those areas affected by mold.

Let it act for half an hour and you will see how it disappears on its own.

3. White vinegar


A trick as simple as cash. White vinegar eliminates 90% of mold from our homes. Hence it is also one of the most economical resources, excellent, for example, for those areas of the baths that are always a little more hidden (closets, behind the toilet or doors) and where this fungus usually appears.

How can we benefit from white vinegar to eliminate mold? Take note:


  • ½ cup of vinegar White (100 ml).
  • A bottle with atomizer.


The idea is to fill a plastic bottle with white vinegar and always have it ready for our daily cleaning . Once you have it ready, just spray those surfaces where the mold is and wait until it is diluted. The best thing to do is to repeat it, at least twice a week, looking for those humid and poorly ventilated corners where this annoying - and dangerous - microorganism may appear.

Do we start putting it into practice today?

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