Home Remedies to Fight Hepatitis

It is good, before talking about the remedies, explain a little what is Hepatitis. It is an inflammation of the liver Which can be caused by a virus, prolonged consumption of alcohol, exposure to toxic chemicals or overdose of some medications.

There are three types of hepatitis: A, B and C. All three have similar symptoms, which in principle are similar to those of the flu. These are: fever, fatigue, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, abdominal and joint pain and jaundice, the most characteristic. The jaundice Is when the skin or eyes change to a yellowish color.

Different types, different remedies

Type A hepatitis can be completely eradicated, but type B and C are very difficult to cure completely, so they become chronic hepatitis. Type A hepatitis is viral and is usually very acute, but in a few weeks it can be cured. Type B and C can last a lifetime and what is achieved is to eliminate the symptoms, but the disease continues in the body.

There are home remedies to combat hepatitis, whose effectiveness is being tested scientifically, which have a high healing power. In addition, they will be very easy to prepare or achieve.



It increases the efficiency of liver function and favors biliary function, as it helps the digestion of fats . It can be obtained in extract or make an infusion. With artichoke extract follow the indications of the producer, and the infusion is done with 2 tablespoons of dry leaves per liter of boiling water. It can be taken 3 times a day, before meals.


It promotes the regeneration of liver . It is advisable to combine it with other fruits or vegetables. The best combination for the liver is with lemon juice. Mix the juice of two lemons with a peeled and chopped beet in the blender and drink it immediately.

Burdock and dandelion


These herbs should be taken in combination. Cleanse the liver and blood . Infusion with dandelion works as a tonic for the liver, as it has a high potassium content, stimulates the digestive system and increases the production of bile. Burdock root infusion is very diuretic, excellent antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory action.


The root of this plant is consumed. It is very effective in combating hepatitis B and C . It is a very good antioxidant. An infusion can be prepared with 25 grams of the root of licorice In a liter of boiling water. Do not consume more than 1 cup per day and after one month it is recommended to let the body rest for a period. You should not consume it if you suffer from hypertension, heart failure or kidney failure.

Cardo Mariano


The extract of Thistle Which is obtained from the seeds, called silymarin. It is obtained in extract without alcohol or in capsules. They should be consumed 200-400 mg three times a day. TO Yuda to the healing and reconstruction of the liver .


It is a restorative and anti-inflammatory agent. Berries are consumed, which are sweet-sour taste. They can be bought in capsules and consumed in doses of 5-15 grams per day or as infusion. Prepare with 1 teaspoon, or half, crushed berries for each cup of boiling water. Do not use if you have diarrhea.



The turmeric A very widespread spice in India and is one of the main ingredients of the well-known curry. The root is used. It is highly recommended to add it to season meals or can directly consume the powder. You can also make an infusion with 4 teaspoons per liter of hot water. Drink cold, up to 4 cups a day. It detoxifies the liver, improves its functioning and increases the production of bile acids.

Olive leaf

The infusion of olive leaves Is a very potent antifungal agent . It is advisable to make it with 40 g of fresh leaves crushed per liter of boiling water. You can take up to three cups a day.


It is better known as Chanca Piedra or Quiebra Piedra. Is very Recommended for hepatitis B . It helps fight the symptoms of the disease, although it is still a carrier. It is an herb and should be brewed.

These Home remedies to fight hepatitis Are easy to do, but remember that at all times you must follow your doctor's instructions. It is important that you do not terminate any treatment if the doctor has not authorized it.

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