Home Remedies to Quickly Relieve Cold Sores

Cold sores or also popularly known as"fire,"is an outbreak caused by the herpes simplex virus type 1, Which is usually transferred through a kiss or close contact with someone who has the active outbreak. Once infected, the virus remains in the body for life and infection by herpes May be triggered by factors such as fever, infections, stress, sunburn or food allergies.

According to information from the MedLine Plus web portal, Almost everyone has contracted cold sores when they reach adulthood . Usually the boat passes through five phases, which are: tingling, blister, drainage, crusting and healing. The latter is the most contagious phase, as the blister ruptures and drains the liquid. Ideally, stop cold sore outbreaks before they occur, that is, during their first phase. However, if it was inevitable to get into the blister, there are several home remedies that can help combat this problem to speed up your healing.

Cover Your Cold Sores

Many people make the serious mistake of making up the cold sore wound so it will not be noticed so much. However, this can prevent the healing process from happening quickly and can prolong the blister. Instead of using make-up, it is recommended to apply a layer of petroleum jelly To keep it safe from bacteria and speed up the recovery process. Likewise, it seeks to use sunscreen When leaving to prevent further damage.

Lip balm

dry lips

In the market you can get ointments with docosanol, which also accelerate the recovery process of cold sores. If you are going to expose yourself to the wind or live in an arid place, Try to use an ointment to the lips to avoid getting the blisters.

Recommended cold sore remedy

There are certain foods that can help us, because Contain an amino acid called lysine that fights herpes labialis . Among them are milk, fish, meat and legumes.

In contrast, foods containing an amino acid called arginine may be favorable for the virus. Among these foods we find: chocolate, nuts, peanuts and almonds.

Black tea

If you already have the cold sore, put a black tea bag directly over the wound and rub it for a few minutes. This remedy can help reduce pain and heal the blister.



Garlic Is a food known for its antiviral properties and Antibiotics Which can help us fight a lot of viruses. To combat cold sores the ideal is to cut a garlic in half and put it directly on the bud.


Milk, as discussed above, contains lysine, which is an amino acid that helps accelerate the recovery process of cold sores . For this simply dip a cotton in milk and apply it directly on the bud. The ideal is to use this remedy since the onset of tingling symptoms on the lips.

Tomato and aloe vera

To clean the cold sore on a daily basis you can apply tomato paste for a few minutes and then put pulp of aloe vera . Aloe contains very healthy ingredients for the skin and can help to quickly dry the outbreak.

Subtle lemon or lime


The subtle lemon or lime Possesses antiviral and antibiotic properties that can help us fight cold sores infection . To take advantage of its benefits, simply apply a few drops of its juice directly on the affected area about 3 times a day.

Honey and vinegar

Both honey and vinegar have antibiotic properties Which can help us fight cold sores. To apply it to the bud simply mix a tablespoon of honey with a little vinegar and apply directly on the wound using a cotton.

Prevention and care

It is very important to get rid of toothbrushes, lipsticks, towels or any item that has come in contact with the outbreak while it was present. It is likely that these elements have been contaminated with the herpes virus and its subsequent use could cause new blisters. Where possible, reuse cups, forks, or other soiled items should be avoided. Try to keep a antibacterial gel To clean your hands frequently and free them of possible bacteria.

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