Hot chili marmalade dare to prepare it!

Bittersweet, so is this recipe of Spicy chili jam That from just thinking about it, we are already mouth watering. This is because its explosive combination is the appropriate one to activate the Umami , Fifth taste, that surrounds us in a universe of taste sensations and generates that instant pleasure for the food.

Pepper , Chilli or paprika, known as ají in South America, and protagonist of this Chilli jam recipe , Is a vegetable of color, brightness and flavor so intense, that only the brave dare to eat, and not for less, consuming chile generates pain since some of its chemical compounds, Capsaicin , Activates the pain receptors of the mouth, to generate that sensation of heat when consuming it. In addition, a plus point, is that studies have revealed that capsaicin can act as a cancer cell inhibitor.

Neither will anyone be Aphrodisiac and miraculous properties of this plant species, That raises the heart rhythm of the one that consumes it and causes us to secrete endorphins, the same ones we produce when we consume chocolate, we exercise, excite or fall in love, incredible, right?

Chilli is in the diet of humans since the year 7500 BC. And has its origins in the American continent. Asian, Indian, Mexican and Peruvian food has it among its favorite foods And in these regions grows a great variety of this vegetable, which is easy to cultivate and easily acclimated. It was called"pepper"because of its very similar flavor to that of pepper. Their levels of pugnacity vary in relation to the levels of capsaicin it contains.

In this opportunity we will teach you to enjoy this food in an unconventional way, in jam, subtracting itch, but without altering its intense flavor or color.

This recipe of Chile jam Spicy is extraordinary for dips and Accompany rich bruschettas Of cream cheese or matured, is preserved for a long time and it gets us out of trouble when it comes to accompanying tapas or entrees before a banquet. In addition, it complements the Fruit jams Which we have already given you.

Ingredients for making spicy chili jam

Cayenne pepper

  • 200 grams of hot chili peppers how spicy? That's what you decide!
  • 120 grams (1 ½ cup) of sugar
  • Three tablespoons of Apple vinager
  • Salt and pepper
  • To taste: Jamaica pepper, clove, mint leaves, raisins or ginger

Simple and effective steps to make hot pepper marmalade

  • The first thing to consider is that we will be manipulating a product that many of us can generate allergic or itchy reactions to its contact, so it is It is advisable to wear gloves while we process the peppers And avoid touching our face and eyes so as not to end up sore and fleeing from the kitchen.
  • We wash our peppers very well, dry and We cut in brunoise (5 mm cubes)
  • We take to the fire in a casserole with all the ingredients, we pass To boil for a time of 10-15 minutes Or until our mixture has the honeyed consistency that we want. If the marmalade is very liquid, add more sugar and if it is very thick a touch of vinegar, white wine or water.
  • We salpimentamos to taste.


  • Remove from the heat and pack in a Sterilized bottle . If we want a smooth and creamy consistency, without stumbling, we pass our Spicy chili jam By the blender and create a Spicy chili jam
  • In order to keep our jam longer, We must sterilize the packaging Where we will keep it How? Place the jar and its lid in a pot of water and let it boil for 10 minutes, then remove from the heat and let the container drain, face down.
  • We pack the jam in hot and let it stand. We take it to the fridge.

The spicy chile jam is a delight, which will fill our dishes with flavor. As an accompaniment to Fish, seafood and barbecues goes very well . Also served with toast or bread.

The jars of chile jam are A good gastronomic detail for our friends . They will surely appreciate it.

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