How colors affect your body and your mind

If we were to think, our life could not exist if it were in black and white. Everything would be boring and tedious. Colors play a very important role in our day to day life and the activities we carry out are influenced by them. Do you want to know how colors affect your body and your mind? Do not hesitate to read the following article.

Color by color, how do they affect our life?

Each color has one or several effects. Pay attention to what each entails and why it can be used more or less according to our needs or goals.


It is the most striking and vibrant of all colors. It has the ability to stimulate the adrenal gland and neurons. Being exciting, it is the ideal tone for when we go for a walk or exercise, because it will give us more energy and vitality to follow. However, we must be careful because, too much, red can cause us stress , Frustration and even anger.

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On the other hand, the color red is the symbol of love and passion and can not miss both a romantic date and an intimate encounter as a couple. Studies have shown that a man will be more attracted to a woman Wearing a red dress or jacket. If you are not very fanatical about this color, at least you can use it in some detail of your attire, such as for the lipstick or hair arrangement.


It reminds us of the color, light and warmth of the sun, which is why yellow is a powerful Antidepressant . When we are in the presence of this tone our body releases a chemical called serotonin, related to happiness and good mood. There are studies indicating that This color helps to improve concentration and causes the nervous system to wake up . It is perfect for offices or rooms where we want to unleash our creative talents.

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On the other hand, in a yellow room, babies will cry more and there are people who can not sleep Or it is difficult for them not to lose their patience. Finally, it is good for speeding up the metabolism and is a very frequent color in food.


Studies say that this tone serves for creativity to emerge in our mind. On the other hand, It has been proven to be a color that has a calming effect. However, prolonged exposure to blue causes depression and sadness. Blue is synonymous with coldness but also seriousness and formality, so it is used in many companies.

Our brain conceives the blue materials as lighter and that is why the weights in the gym are that color. It is not too much of a choice for food because it relates to the toxic and also makes us lose our appetite (although this may be good for those who are doing diet ).


It means authority, power, intelligence and knowledge. It is the most popular color in the fashion industry because it is associated with style And because those who wear it to dress look thinner. It is also an aggressive tone, chosen by the teams of different sports (as is the case of the selection of New Zealand rugby, Los All Blacks) to prove that they are stiff.


It is the most neutral tone that exists, synonymous with purity and cleanliness. It is chosen as much for a wedding dress as for the clothes of the newborns, the hospitals and the doctor's offices. It shows sterility and sophistication at the same time. In addition, it has a calming effect and brings much light in the rooms.



It is the color of nature par excellence and is the most used today to decorate the interiors of floors and houses. This is because it has a soothing and relaxing effect on the eyes, relieves stress And makes us pay attention. That is why in many schools the blackboard is of this color. In addition, it is related to fertility, has curative and hygienic effect and gives us the guideline that something is healthy. In stores with a lot of green color, customers usually spend more time (And spend more money) than in other colors.


It is considered the feminine color and the most romantic color that exists. It is also associated with tranquility and is used by parents for girls. Reduces anger and anxiety . Some prisons paint their common environments of this color to reassure prisoners. Even if we wanted to be angry or aggressive in a pink room, we could not, because the heart muscles would not respond so fast.

Purple or violet

It is associated with royalty, luxury and sophistication. People wearing clothes of this hue are perceived as wealthy. It allows to develop deep thoughts and spirituality. It has also been shown that purple helps to intensify and improve the sex life, so it is advised for matrimonial rooms.



A very striking color, with effects similar to those of yellow. If you want to improve your mood and be more alert and energetic, do not hesitate to bring something of this tone. If you also combine with red it will be ideal to be all day well awake. The Orange Stimulates mental activities and is very good for studying And to increase appetite.

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