How do I know if I am living a"toxic relationship"?

Sometimes, Love is not enough. Or what is even more dangerous: whoever says to love us, loves us in the worst possible way, making us unhappy and taking away our breath, respect. Offering us only jealousy and distrust.

It may seem at first glance that it is easy to recognize that we are living a Toxic relationship of couple . But it is not, hence we fall into them on more than one occasion. When we want a person we suffer a cognitive and emotional distortion before which, it costs a lot to"wake up". Open the eyes.

Today, in our space, we invite you to know the most obvious clues.

Clues that we are experiencing a toxic couple relationship

1. View walls where you used to have gates

It is very possible that before having a partner, you were a pretty independent woman. You had your work and made your own decisions. You stayed with your friends, you went out with your co-workers and calmly planned your daily routines.

But now, this Relationship Makes you fall into these realities:

  • You can no longer decide what you want to do , Before, you have to remember it with your partner. When you tell him that you are going to do something determined like a company dinner, or go shopping with a relative, it is common to find bans.
  • Your life from night to day, it looks Coerced . Living in the epicenter of a Toxic relationship of couple Makes us take care for example our style of clothes, because it can annoy you. You start to limit yourself to things that used to be normal for you: the make-up, the use and privacy of your mobile phone, a little later coming home...
  • You begin to see also, a clear limitation in your own future perspectives . Your partner may not agree on what better job. From one day to the next, you start to see Walls in illusions that used to be your own...
  • Day by day, you see how an invisible armor is surrounding you.


2. Your emotional balance is violated, attacked, manipulated

Many women initiate an affective relationship with great enthusiasm. Love is very intense, an emotion so overflowing, sincere and full, where it is normal to offer all our own to the person we love. But remember, it is necessary to love with balance always taking care of our self-esteem.

  • A toxic relationship Always has as a fundamental pillar the Emotional manipulation. And this is exercised in the most subtle and destructive forms.
  • Toxic people always look for their main benefit. Always remember that every manipulative person presents an insecure personality and with low self-esteem . This insecurity generates mistrust and anxieties about control over the couple. He is afraid of being abandoned, of others being taken from the person he wants. And this results in continuous vigilance, in excessive jealousy...
  • The anxieties of control, Generates in them a position of absolute power Where only one has the right to make decisions. If you do not do what your partner asks you, you will use clever tricks to make you feel guilty, victimizing yourself and making you believe that you are guilty of everything. You must be careful.


3. Unhappiness that grows day after day...

You can continue to love your partner, however something funny happens: When he is not with you, you rest . You find"air"and you relax. You even see with envy these others Couples living more harmoniously , Where both respect the personal spaces of the other and personal growth is possible.

Notice a pressure inside you. You feel unsatisfied and you feel like everything that previously identified you, is losing, fraying... You are not the one before. And you notice, your self-esteem has plummeted and you perceive yourself a little broken inside.

You must take into account all this data. It is very common that This emotional weakness in which we have fallen will end up somatizando S. What does this mean? That anxiety, fear, worry, becomes, for example, a headache. In back pain, nausea, chronic pain... many women go to the doctor and do not get the proper diagnosis.

They can tell you, for example, that migraine sufferers, but in reality, what you suffer is A depression Generated by your unhappiness.

When pain makes us prisoners, it is up to us to deal with it.

How do you get out of a toxic partner relationship?

It is curious, but the statistical data tell us that a toxic relationship can last for many years. How can this be possible? Basically due to the following aspects:

  • Because many women have Fear of possible consequences To leave your partner. They fear for their children, or because their spouse, can hurt them.
  • We must also take into account that there are people who Do not conceive of"being without a partner". So they let themselves be carried away, so to speak, let themselves be carried away by that unhappiness because it will always be better to live in solitude.
  • Occasionally, these relationships lengthen over time Because the couple continues to love each other. They love evil, they cause harm, but they do not conceive of another form of existence. It's curious, but it's true.

To get out of a toxic partner relationship it is necessary first that you are aware of what is happening. Understand that you will not be able to be happy. Your friends and family may have noticed the clues well before you. Pay attention to them, seek support if you need it.

The second step is to discuss it with your partner. Tell her what you feel, tell her about your feelings, your frustration and your unhappiness. If you see that you do not do your part to improve the situation, if you perceive that there is no will to change... stay away. Your integrity, your tranquility and your physical and emotional health, comes first, do not ever doubt it.

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