How to act after having an argument with my boyfriend

The fights with the couple are something 'from day to day' and can appear for any reason. Some are more complicated than others because of the subject they refer to and it is very important to know what to do in the during and after. Therefore, in this article we will answer your question of how to act after an argument with my boyfriend?

I had an argument with my boyfriend: and now?

It is common to feel guilty, sad and anguished after arguing with a partner. Sometimes we do not know how to act, what to do or what to say. These are the most common mistakes after a fight:

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1. Ignore him

It's true that if you're angry, you do not feel like paying attention or speaking to her, however, when this happens You must not close and keep all emotions and feelings. The best thing you can do in these cases is to talk and 'pull out' what you feel, so that they do not become a burden on your heart.

2. Repeat your words

When we are angry or hurt we can say things that we later regret. If he has said a phrase that is too hurtful or that you did not like, say it. This way, you will not be 'hovering' in your head for days.

3. Stay angry for a week

"After an argument with my boyfriend, I sit idly by and frown for hours, even days." Does this statement sound familiar? You must bear in mind that if you maintain that position, it will be more difficult reconcile or reach an agreement. Besides, the only one who is hurting herself with it is you, not him.

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4. Self-punishing

This is also quite frequent. Feeling bad because you have caused a fight or because instead of solving things 'you have thrown more fuel on the fire' does not help . It is necessary that both can express what they feel and what bothers them.

If you are depressed having had a discussion, think that this way, maybe, they can solve the problems they have and enjoy a fuller relationship.

5. Go to bed fighting

While for some sleep helps them calm down and recover after a fight, it is always better to fix things as soon as possible. If we let pass an entire night, probably 'we pass' the anger , but there will also be certain feelings, opinions or emotions that are not said. And afterwards, it is more difficult to express them.

What to do after having an argument with my boyfriend?

Beyond the change of direction of your actions and attitudes towards certain typical 'failures' post fight, also It is interesting to know how to act at that moment, that is, when tempers are not the best and feelings are at the surface of the skin . Pay attention to these tips:

1. Look beyond the discussion

Believe it or not, one fights for something totally different from the subject of the discussion . It may seem that the trigger for the interdict has been money, family or food, but there is something deeper beneath it.

Maybe the dissatisfaction In the couple, problems at work, too many pressures or traumas from the past lead us to discuss disguising it as something punctual.

2. Look into each other's eyes

Even at the worst moment of an argument, or when this has already happened, visual contact is essential. They say that 'the eyes are the reflection of the soul' and perhaps what the mouth says is not what the expression expresses . To end a fight sometimes it is enough to stare a few seconds.

3. Approaching

Another way to reconcile after a couple discussion is to set aside the physical distance. A hug, a caress or just being in contact 'skin to skin' may be enough to lower the revolutions and promote a solution to the problem.

Approaching is undoubtedly a 'cut' in the fight and is a way to show that, in spite of everything, the relationship comes first.

4. Apologize

Many times you have to leave the pride on the side and knowing when to say 'I'm sorry' is what is needed to improve things. The apologies must be sincere and not an attempt to put out the fire with just a drop of water.

Sometimes, humility before a discussion can be very useful. Think about whether it's better to be proud or get along with your boyfriend. It is true that mistakes are not always your own, but if the relationship really interests you, it is you who take the first step that allows for reconciliation.

5. Take fresh air

Another way to act after a couple discussion is to go for a walk. They say it is the best way to clarify ideas and reduce anger. Maybe that works for you to prevent things from"happening to major"and start to throw in your face something that happened years ago.

Remember the rule of 'do not go to sleep fighting' because the idea of ​​taking a breath of air is to promote reconciliation, not to get involved in depression or anger. When returning from that walk, try to resume the conversation. Maybe, see things differently.

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