How to clean the windows of your house more effectively?

Today, each home is different from another, our personalities are different and we have particular tastes. This translates into many homes with different decorations and styles.

You may have at home glass walls, tiles or glass that are more complicated to clean of dust and dirt. Because although many times we do not see it, there can accumulate a lot of bacteria. The cleaning At home it is very important and every corner of our house must be attended to.

If you do not know very well how to clean those glasses, do not worry, keep reading because we tell you the best tips to have a shining house.

How to clean the windows of a house?

To find perfection in terms of cleanliness, We have to be methodical and know the techniques that work best.

Before you start, you can prepare your own kit for clean the crystals . To have it you will need:

  • A microfiber cloth
  • A sprayer.
  • A bit of dishwasher soap .

Once you have what you need you can start to get down to work.

We should clean the windows periodically.

Clean glass walls

These walls or thick tiles are translucent, they let light in and, in addition, They help us to divide different environments in the home.

They are elegant and bring a distinguished touch, they are used both for exterior and interior. You do not have to stop cleaning them because they can pick up a lot of dust and dirt without us noticing. Therefore, they need to have the same treatment as windows.

Follow these tips to have an unblemished cleaning:

  • Cleans the surface of the glasses one by one.
  • Help yourself with a cloth moistened with water and a little trickle of ammonia.
  • The ammonia helps to eliminate grease and dirt in a single pass, it also adds shine.
  • If your wall has some decorative motif and with the wipe it is difficult to clean it, with the help of a toothbrush that you will not use again you can rub the corners. Wet it with water and ammonia to leave it gleaming.
  • To clean the joints that join the glasses and make them always stay white, rub with the brush with a soapy mixture to restore its original color.
  • If you see that it has not turned black, you can buy a bleach and apply it to each meeting that needs it.

For a better finish, first clean the joints and then the glass, it will take less time and the finish will be perfect.

Tips for cleaning glasses

In the market we find many cleaning products that assure us that they will leave our house perfect; Nevertheless, Many people suffer from allergies and these chemical products They can alter the dermis of our skin.

For this reason, we recommend making our own mixtures based on water and lemon, water and vinegar, dish soap or ammonia. In addition, we leave you some tips:

  • Do not use soap powder to wash your clothes because it is very abrasive.
  • You have to wash them gently, because the glasses can be delicate and could easily be scratched.
  • Once the surface is clean, you should dry it with a clean cloth and that does not loose lint.
  • You can make a mixture of water, vinegar and lemon to clean the tiles in your room bath . The damp places of the house are more prone to the appearance of fungi.
  • The ideal is to make enveloping movements and in circles because this way you make sure that the entire surface is covered.

It is good to wash clothes separating colors.

Once you have finished with the activity, it is important to clean the rags in a correct way. Many people do not know and tend to wash the rags in the washing machine next to the clothes daily, which is a serious mistake.

It is best to wash all the rags in a washing machine without putting them together with our clothes; In addition, softener should not be used. The softener can make those rags not dry well when we use them again. Therefore, either wash them all with neutral detergent and without softener, or wash them by hand in warm water and vinegar.

As you have seen, when it comes to cleaning a home, every corner has its trick and complexity. Now you can leave your glasses perfect and new.

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