How To Cleanse Kidneys From Toxins

The main function of the renal system is to remove waste from the body (more precisely, the blood) through the urine. If we imagine that the kidneys are a filter of impurities, we must think in turn that it needs to be cleaned from time to time, not only to keep doing their job, but also to feel better. Know how to cleanse the kidneys of toxins in the following article.

Healthy diet to cleanse the kidneys

You do not have to do any expensive or complicated treatment. You simply have to start eating better so your kidneys are clean and healthy. A diet Balanced is very important for the body in general and, in the case of the renal system, serves to avoid the excess of toxins accumulated in the organs that compose it.

It consumes less quantity of refined sugars, fats and white flour, Especially if you have cholesterol or diabetes. Vegetable oils such as olive oil are good sources of good fats. It prefers wholemeal flours and brown sugars, honey or stevia to sweeten.


It is also not good for you to drink alcohol , Soft drinks, coffee and industrial juices, as they have harmful effects on renal health. Also, try to eliminate all foods that contain too much sodium (such as sausages, canned food and fast food) and do not go out much food when preparing. Another interesting tip is not to bring the salt shaker to the table so as not to"tempt you".

Medicinal herbs for cleaning the kidneys

As with a treatment for weight loss, with good nutrition is not enough. Other activities are needed. In the case of renal cleaning, it is very good to use plants that allow us to eliminate all the bad that has been accumulating in the body.

The ones that should not be missing in your daily infusions are those with anti-inflammatory properties of the urinary tract , As well as with diuretic effects to help the expulsion of urine and, with it, toxins. It is good to remember that if you have a serious or chronic disease in the kidneys do not consume these herbal medicines or at least not without consulting a specialist doctor (nephrologist).

Kidney cyst

The plants that help you clean your kidneys are:

Chancapiedra ( Phyllanthus niruri )

It is used to improve renal health and is native to Peru. The Incas already used it to treat any infection in the kidneys and bladder . It is a diuretic plant, controls blood pressure, lowers blood glucose levels and breaks stones in the kidneys. It also has positive effects on the liver.


It is a very used spice in the kitchen for hundreds of recipes. This plant has many medicinal properties, among them, Cleanse the kidneys because of their diuretic effects . Reduces the accumulation of toxins and improves overall urinary tract health. Consume parsley, if possible, raw or even you can prepare a tea with a handful of its leaves so characteristic.



Not only the plant, but also the seeds, are very good for their diuretic actions. It will help you to promote the production of urine And allows to tone the kidneys, that is, to be healthier and can work better.

Golden rod (Solidago virgaurea)

It is a plant native to America and widely used by native populations for the Care of the urinary tract, as it cleanses the kidneys and also the bladder. It in turn allows the urinary tract to be toned. The gold rod has anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties, making it excellent for cleaning the kidneys but also the whole organism in general.


The root of this plant cleanses the kidneys naturally and can be used to improve the health of the bladder. Hydrangea root tea is one of the many recipes used to remove stones in the kidneys because it helps soften the edges of the stones (what scrapes, hurts and hurts) and helps eliminate them through the urine. In addition, it allows a better metabolism of calcium , Which results in less possibility of renal calculi formation.

Horse tail (Equisetum arvense)

It is a"bad"herb for farmers and in the garden, but do not discard it if it has grown between your flowers. The horse tail Has many medicinal properties. For example, it is a diuretic that promotes urine production and combats fluid retention. It is rich in antioxidants that protect the health of the kidneys. It can be consumed in infusion.

Horse tail


Another of the plants that are considered weeds but, in fact, encloses in its yellow or orange colors a great amount of properties. The dandelion Has diuretic properties and can eliminate both fluids and toxins. It also improves overall hepatic and renal health.


It is actually a tree and not a plant, but it is worth noting it, since its bark offers interesting properties to take care of the kidneys. It has been used for years to suppress the urinary tract. It is rich in vitamin C. To consume it, you have to make a decoction with its leaves (drink in the form of tea).


The root of this plant can be very useful for improving the health of the urinary tract. It is an ideal diuretic to remove waste products that accumulate in the kidneys and stimulate urination.

Bear Grape ( Arctostaphylos uva-ursi)

It is a plant that is used for Urinary infections . It is astringent, helps tone the urinary tract and kidneys.

Red clover

There is evidence to suggest that red clover isoflavones decrease the incidence of hot flashes, one of the most common symptoms experienced by premenopausal and menopausal women.

It stimulates the metabolic activity, cleans the blood of impurities that later go to the kidneys, strengthens the liver and allows to purify the organism. It is also used to relieve symptoms related to menopause.

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