How to drink coffee in a healthier way

There are voices in favor and others against the consumption of coffee, the international drink par excellence. Some indicate that it is bad for health and others, which is more than beneficial. It will all depend on several factors, such as the amount of drink per day, if it is low in caffeine, if the person uses coffee to perform more at work, etc. Learn how to drink coffee in a healthier way in the following article.

What do you know about coffee?

Surely you have read a lot in relation to this dark drink with such a characteristic and penetrating aroma that it is able to gather people, allow us to spend hours watching while studying, or enjoying a movie when it is very cold.

What you should not forget is that coffee contains caffeine, a component that stimulates nervous system Central, which reduces fatigue and fatigue. This may seem fabulous to many people working under pressure or in very stressful jobs. However, in the medium term, the effects are not at all good.

Coffee increases heart rate, irritates the mucous membranes of the stomach, makes us more alert or alert , Reduces appetite and some studies even indicate that it helps us to study better and remember data.


Generally speaking, moderate consumption of coffee (up to five cups a week), does not produce side effects in the body. Excessive coffee drinkers generate a greater tolerance to their alkaloids, just like any drug. For this reason, those who usually drink more than two cups a day have no effect on the body as someone who is not accustomed to this infusion .

If the person, in addition to drinking coffee, smokes, does not exercise, consumes a lot of fast food and leads a sedentary life, is more likely to have problems or side effects, but not only by drinking, but by the accumulation of risk factors .

It is also worth noting that those patients with anemia or those on a vegetarian or vegan diet should not consume as much coffee Because, like tea, it is involved in the absorption of iron. Other foods that produce the same effect are chocolate and cola. Coffee can also decrease the absorption of calcium, so it is discouraged in person with osteoporosis or with broken bones or teeth.


How to drink coffee in a healthier way

Do you think you are addicted to coffee and that you need more and more to keep you awake or energized? Consume more than four cups a day, as black and loaded as possible? Do you have any of the other risk factors listed above? So, Pay attention to these tips and healthier coffee choices.

  • Avoid adding milk, cream, or too much cream sugar To your coffee Instead, opt for a few drops of skim milk, stevia or muscovado sugar. This will reduce your calorie intake.
  • Do not replace your breakfast with many cups of coffee To"cheat"the stomach. The fuel you need to start your day is made up of fruits, cereals and dairy.
  • If you are well hydrated (with water, natural juices or herbal teas), you will feel less tired and stressed And, therefore, you will feel less inclined to drink coffee every time.

Drink coffee

  • You also need to get enough sleep to stop drinking coffee in quantity. If you are very nervous, irritable, moody and insomnia lately, perhaps this infusion is hurting you.
  • Replace the coffee with natural herbal teas or decaffeinated coffee, which will bring you more benefits like, for example, tranquility and relaxation.
  • In case of hypertension, cardiovascular disorders, kidney problems, pregnancy, anemia or obesity , It is advisable to avoid the consumption of coffee or reduce it to the maximum.
  • Do not drink coffee with antidepressant medications or cigarettes , As this can cause severe headaches, high blood pressure and migraines.
  • Opt for organic coffee. It may be more expensive than the one you get on the market, and you'll have to go to a specific show or store, but the difference with industrial coffee is amazing. The fact that he is not Treated with pesticides and herbicide will be beneficial to your health. As if this were not enough, Have a bigger grain that pays more and you will be helping the planet.

Cafe - Halitosis

  • Choose grains that are roasted and dark. These produce more amount of antioxidants compared to regular roasting. They are a little stronger than the traditional ones, but you will use less quantity.
  • Get a right appliance to make coffee. In this way, you will get the most out of the grains you have purchased, save money and avoid waste. In any case, use purified or distilled water, free of chemicals. You can also get a coffee grinder and do it yourself.
  • Choose the green coffee. It has become fashionable for some time because it is said to have properties to lose weight. But beyond that, this type of coffee is not a different species, but it is the same grains, which have not yet been roasted and that respect their original green color. They eliminate fat, reduce the amount of free radicals in the body and reduce cellulitis . In addition, they contribute satiety, help control levels of type II diabetes and offer more"natural"energy.

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