How to Fight Cold Symptoms in Just 24 Hours

In a climate like winter for many it is inevitable to experience some symptoms that prevent them from performing their daily activities normally and that makes them feel tired to the point of feeling the desire to stay all day in bed. When the weather is cold, our immune system weakens And makes us more likely to suffer from Flu , Colds, coughs, or muscle aches, among others.

As stated above, we must be prepared to face cold days and try to adopt a routine that allows us to remain strong in the face of any health problems that may occur as a result of the low temperatures. The teacher Ron Eccles , of the Cardiff University Common Cold Center (UK), presents us with a routine to keep those cold symptoms away from the cold weather and Beat them in just 24 hours .

7:00 am. Take a hot shower

If because of the cold weather you wake up with a very annoying feeling in your joints and even feel Headaches , A hot shower could be the best way to start the day. Hot water helps you relax and steam helps clear the sinuses To avoid congestion and problems like sinusitis.

8:00 am. - a healthy breakfast

Quinoa vegetable soup

Good nutrition is essential in the recovery process from colds. Breakfast is key to starting your day well and fighting the annoying cold symptoms. You can consume a natural orange juice and eat a cup of berries rich in antioxidants with a little oatmeal for more energy. Another good option is Start your day having breakfast Vegetables soup Or chicken.

10:00 a.m. Vaporization

During colds, our nose becomes congested and we have excess of mucus, which prevent us from breathing normally. When the sinuses become clogged, we are more likely to experience sinusitis, which is accompanied by a terrible headache . In this case it is good to consume an over-the-counter medication or some natural remedy to decongest. A vaporization may also be done by placing the head covered with a towel over a bowl of boiling water for 5 minutes. This is ideal for soothing and clearing the airways.

Noon: take a walk


Although it seems quite challenging to challenge the cold outdoors, the truth is that A walk before lunch can help improve our mood and can stimulate the immune system . So do not think that you do bad to your body if you go out when you have a cold. A little walk could be of great help.

13:00 - lunch time

Instead of eating fried and unhealthy foods at lunch, Ideally, prepare some grilled chicken with salad. Chicken proteins help to produce immune cells and boost the immune response. For their part, salad vegetables are rich in antioxidants and essential nutrients to fight colds.

15:00 - a healthy drink


At the time of the snack, it is best to consume a hot tea of ​​herbs to dilute the mucus and to expel it easily. You can also substitute tea for a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice Which, because of its high vitamin C content, is good for the cold recovery process.

18:00 - dinner time

At dinner time it is very good to consume spicy food such as spicy curry or a chili con carne. This type of food will help raise the temperature of the body and this will contribute to the decrease of the symptoms of the cold . Other ingredients that you can take into account in your dinner are ginger, garlic and peppers, which are known for their antiviral and antibacterial properties, which help us fight the cold and clear the Paranasal sinuses .

20:00 - relaxing bath

Relaxing shower

At the end of the day you are likely to feel tired and sore muscles as a result of the cold. To sleep well and relax your muscles, it is best to take a hot bath one or two hours before going to sleep. To this bath you can add a few drops of essential oil of eucalyptus to enhance its effects against the symptoms of the cold.

22:00 - time to rest and sleep 8 hours

It is very important to go to rest Early and have a good night's sleep to regain strength quickly. A good quality of sleep reinforces the immune system and helps us combat the symptoms of the cold. You should avoid drinking such as coffee or alcohol before going to sleep, as these can prevent you from sleeping well.

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