How to grow hair faster

Maybe you've cut your hair and did not like it or maybe you're a little tired of your short hair. If you want to have longer hair do not hesitate to read the following article. Learn how to make hair believe faster and put it into practice from now on.

The methods to grow hair faster are varied and not all are effective. That is why you need to find the right option by trying among the homemade recipes available in this article.

Grow hair faster, is it possible?

If you have just cut your hair and did not like it, you need to find a solution to enjoy your hair as before and do not have to wait for years. It's not as difficult as you think, but quite the opposite. Some interesting tips are:

Cut it frequently

Unlike what you think, cut the ends of the hair Can make you grow faster. This is because it will grow with more strength. Open tips do not allow it to grow properly. You can take into account the phases of the moon, for example (in the fourth quarter is when they say that it grows faster).

Cut hair

Massage the scalp

If you cheer up, do it yourself or you can ask your partner or perhaps the beauty salon. Just drop a few drops of essential oil (or olive If you do not have it) at the fingertips and massage the scalp a few minutes before bathing. Another alternative is baby oil. The idea is that the skin will be more moisturized and the hair will grow faster.

Egg white

Egg proteins and nutrients are excellent for hair growth. It is perfect in cases where nothing works. Egg whites have vitamins that benefit the general condition of the hair. .

Part two eggs, remove the yolks, mix well and apply on the hair. Apply on the scalp with a massage and let it act for ten minutes. Rinse well with warm water and then wash as usual. In addition, the hair will look much brighter and healthier.

In the egg white also there are vitamins, although 90% of its weight corresponds to water.

Drink more water

Hydration is very important, therefore, try to drink at least two liters of water per day. If it is too hot, drink three liters. It is a very simple method which in turn brings you a lot of benefits. It hydrates the organs, the skin and, therefore, the hair. If you do not like water very much, you can drink cold infusions of herbs or Liquefied

Brush your hair

When you wash your hair, brush for a few minutes the hair, always with the same movement, from the scalp to the tips, to stretch. But neither is it a matter of exaggerating or spending two hours in front of the mirror unraveling the strands. Brush once or twice a day to stimulate the hair follicles.

Do not use the hair dryer or ironing board

If you are accustomed to drying your hair or using a lot of iron, avoid these habits, unless it is strictly necessary, ie if it is very cold or damp and you have to leave, for example. At least try to reduce the dryer because it does not serve in your goal to grow hair quickly.

Iron the hair

Birth control pills

It is not proven but many women use it. You do not have to take them but place them in your hair . Simply grind four or five tablets and add them to the shampoo you use every day. This will make your hair grow faster and at the same time, be more abundant and healthier.

Sleep with a braid

Before going to bed, make a braid in your hair. If you have it very short, make two or three smaller ones. Remember that it has to be wet (after bathing is perfect). He sleeps All night long with this hairstyle and in the morning, brush vigorously. Repeat every day for a week.

Essential oils

Grape seed oil is very good for growing hair. Just use a few drops to apply as if it were a circular massage, for the entire scalp. This will help stimulate the hair follicles.

Another very interesting option is the coconut oil, which allows you to enjoy beautiful, shiny and healthy hair, in addition to longer. Massage the scalp with a few drops of warm coconut oil once a week. Pay attention if irritation develops on the skin.

A third alternative is rosemary oil. This medicinal herb is very good for capillary health. In a bowl place two tablespoons of dried rosemary leaves and half a cup of olive oil, heat it without boiling. Let it cool and let stand for two days. Strain and place in a bowl. Then massage the scalp, after having washed your hair.

Potato water

The potato , And more precisely the juice of potatoes (or water), it is a very good idea for the hair to grow faster and at the same time, to make it look healthier, not break or very thin. This is because it brings a lot of vitamins, especially of group B. Bring two boiled potatoes in a quart of water. Let it cool and strain it. Use as a rinse after washing.

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