How to have good sex after menopause?

Do you think you will not be able to have good sex after menopause ? This is a common fear in women who are already approaching or have reached that age.

It is a fact that many things change in your anatomy and that now you must adapt to that. However, this does not mean that you should forget about your sex life.

Here we have compiled the best tips for having good sex after menopause. Of course, remember that There is no magic recipe and you should find what works best for you .

In addition, it is always a good idea to talk to your partner about your doubts and fears. In this way, you can work together to improve your sex life.

Forget the idea that your sex life is over

Surely you have heard that the mind is very powerful and that makes reality much of what we think. If at the time you reach menopause you concentrate on the idea that your sex life is over and you can no longer enjoy it, that will happen.

Of course there are hormonal changes that will affect your libido And will make your pleasure difficult, but Not for that reason you happen to be an asexual being . To have good sex after menopause begins by accepting that your rhythms have changed and try to find out how and what excites you now.

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Invest in a good lubricant

Invest in a good lubricant

To have good sex after menopause you need to deal with the Vaginal dryness Caused by hormonal changes. Many women try to maintain relationships the usual way but realize that it is now very painful or annoying and stop trying.

If it is your case, remember that it is not your fault and there is nothing wrong with your partner. Simply Your body needs some extra help And it's as simple as buying a lubricant.

It is very likely that you have used some before. If not, remember:

  • Ask your doctor if you need any special type. If you have never bought lubricants, the first time you do, you will see that there are many options. This complicates acquiring the right product and you could end up with one of poor quality.

Avoid risks by talking to your gynecologist and asking him to give you some recommendations. You can suggest two or three products and you choose the one you prefer.

  • Choose one that is water-based to avoid infections . On the market there are water-based and oil-based lubricants.

The ideals for vaginal sex are those made from water since the others can cause infections and discomfort. In addition, condoms can suffer some damage with oil-based lubricants.

Once you have the lubricant, use as much as you need. Do not be afraid or embarrassed, surely your partner is willing to incorporate this new element to ensure the satisfaction of both.

Avoid Stress

Having good sex after menopause requires a lot of calm and tranquility . So, at that moment, forget about any stressful situation and stop thinking that you will not be able to enjoy the encounter.

It's ironic, because if you spend the moment thinking it will be difficult, in the end, it is. So play with the items you have on hand. Prepare a romantic dinner, get in touch with your partner and just let things flow.

Yes what you have stressed It's work, give yourself time to practice a sport, color or try a new hobby. This way you will feel more willing to have an intimate encounter.

Take your time

Take your time

During your youthful years you may have achieved orgasm very quickly. Maybe you even had multiple orgasms and now you feel that something is wrong because it no longer happens. Part of having good sex after menopause is to understand that your times change.

It's not that the orgasms are not going to arrive anymore, but You will need more time and attention . This is not bad, it's just a part of growing up. your couple And you must give them all the time that is necessary for the previous game.

Surely your partner can not even get into the atmosphere in the first few minutes. So give them an opportunity to take your relationship to a new level and relearn about your sexuality.

Some things that work are:

  • Use technology. I'm preparing the atmosphere with some suggestive messages or with a sexy talk.
  • Concentrate on previous kisses and caresses. Do not be in a hurry, better take your time.
  • Prepare the moment. Having good sex after menopause Requires some preparation. Prepare the place, choose suggestive clothes and Stay away from any obligation during the intimate encounter .

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Accept changes for good sex after menopause

Instead of fighting age, menopause and the changes that this entails, accept your new reality. Some women completely refuse to make changes and are frustrated.

So, if you go that way, take a step back and accept yourself. You're not 30 anymore and that's good. Now you have experience And knowledge about your body Which will help you to have a better experience if you allow it.

Do not think that one age or circumstances are better than others. It is possible that all you need is to accept yourself and let things flow.

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