How to Make a Gallon of Liquid Soap Economically

If you are a large family or you buy things wholesale to never run out of stock, then you will surely know that soap is an element that is consumed enough in the home. To save a little money or have a healthier alternative, you can make one gallon of liquid soap cheap and quick. How? Pay attention to the following article.

Liquid soap recipes

Liquid soap can be used for both personal hygiene Such as washing dishes (detergent type) or clothes. You can get very affordable recipes and at the same time avoid buying a product of necessity at home at all times.

Recipe N ° 1 of liquid soap for personal hygiene

The ingredients that you will need are a dispenser container, a fragrance bar soap, a few spoonfuls of liquid glycerin (or olive oil ) And distilled water.

Grate the soap with a cheese grater or shred it as much as you can. Heat the distilled water in a saucepan. The ratio is three cups of water per cup of grated soap. Introduce the soap and heat slowly. Stir with a spoon until the soap dissolves. Remove from heat and add vegetable glycerin.

To make it more moisturizing and do not have to go out and buy it, you can use olive oil. If you want to have a particular aroma, you can add a few drops of essential oil as lavender . Allow it to cool and then pour into the dispenser container (it may be from a soap that has been finished).


Recipe # 2 of liquid soap for personal hygiene

This option is similar to the previous one, just that you do not have to heat the mixture. You need 65 grams of grated soap, 330 ml of distilled water, 30 ml of Almonds (Ideal if you have dry skin) and 20 drops of essential oil of choice. Put everything in the blender or blender and mix well (can also be vigorously with a spoon). You are now ready to use.

Recipe # 3 of liquid soap for personal hygiene

In this case you will get more product than in the previous recipes. You need a liter of water, 25 grams of soda or caustic soda in flakes, 125 ml of olive oil and a pinch of salt. Place the water in a plastic bottle (this is where you store the soap), gradually add the caustic soda. Remember to cover your nose and mouth and wear safety goggles for Eyes .

Thirdly add the oil and finally the salt. Cover the bottle well and shake vigorously so that everything fits together. For 15 days you should remove twice a day and keep in a dark and cool place. After this time, aromatised with essential oils.

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Recipe # 4 of liquid soap for personal hygiene

With this idea you can"convert"a bar of soap into about 4 liters of liquid soap. Important savings for your pocket, no doubt! The necessary ingredients are a bar of 150 grams coconut soap, a spoonful of glycerin and distilled water.

Scratch the bar of soap so that it is almost like a powder or very small scales . Heat the distilled water and before it boils remove from the fire and add the soap. Mix well with blender. Then pour about six cups (1.4 liters) of distilled water and continue mixing. If it gets too thick, add more water. If you have too much liquid, you should add more soap or continue beating a little more.

Recipe N ° 1 of dishwashing liquid soap

In this case, the ingredients you need are borax, baking soda, Castile soap, water, essential oil of choice and distilled white vinegar. Pour 2 tablespoons (30 ml) of water into a cup of water (250 ml) vinegar . Heat in a saucepan over medium heat and when it starts to boil reduce the heat. Pour one cup of borax and one of baking soda. Stir well until everything is integrated. Add half a cup of Castilian soap while still stirring and finally lemon essential oil, for example. When it cools, it passes to a glass jar with a lid.

Recipe # 2 of dishwashing liquid soap

You will get more than a liter of detergent with this recipe. The ingredients are one liter of water, 4 tablespoons of baking soda and a marzilla soap without glycerin (300 grams). The utensils you'll need are a 1.5 liter plastic bottle with a lid, a medium saucepan, a heat resistant fountain and a funnel.

Heat the water and scrape the soap in the meantime. Before the water boils, remove two cups and pour next to the bicarbonate . The other half allows to continue heating until breaking the boil. At that time add the grated soap and mix well for several minutes. Pour the mixture of water and baking soda and stir everything without turning off the heat. Then remove and let cool. Fill the container and go.

Liquid laundry soap recipe

As an initial precaution, remember to use protective elements for your hands, face and clothing to make this laundry soap. The ingredients you need are a liter of oil Used and cast, 200 grams of caustic soda, one tablespoon of salt, two liters of water and optional essential oils to give rich aroma to the garments.

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Make the recipe outdoors. Mix the water with the caustic soda in a large bowl, add the oil and salt. With a wooden spoon stir for 45 minutes (you can take breaks). Leave it covered for two days and remember to remove it several times a day. Heat water to a little before boiling and slowly pour into the mixture, shaking as hard as possible. You can add oils or essences at that time. Pour in different bottles and label them well so that no one is wrong. Let one week pass before using in the washing machine.

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