How to make mint oil to take care of your health

Peppermint oil. Do you know all the benefits that this simple remedy brings you? It is wonderful, it has multiple applications for both our beauty and the body. Headache, inflammationâ € | This is a natural formula so old and healthy, that it is worth having always at home.

We tell you how you can make it at home in the simplest way possible. You will love it and it will be of great help to you!

What can mint oil help me with?


1. Applications of peppermint oil in cosmetics

  • It is perfect for regulating Acne production And fat. Moistened with a cotton we can help improve the appearance of our skin, if you have for example Acne marks .
  • A good toning. Perfect for massages in those areas where we have cellulite.
  • Ideal to massage your legs if you feel tired or have varicose veins.
  • Regulates fluid retention.
  • It can help you Remove dandruff. With damp hair, take a small massage, allow it to act and then rinse with warm water and wash normally.
  • Can act as An excellent deodorant .
  • Suitable lice repellent for children. Very effective!

2. Applications of Peppermint Oil for Health

  • It serves to alleviate the headache . Applied in a cold pack, it manages to reduce the incidence of tension headaches.
  • It can also help if you have migraines.
  • Relieves inflammation.
  • Serves as analgesic If, for example, you hit yourself.
  • Suitable for mild burns.
  • Low fever And stimulates Sweating .
  • Peppermint oil has the main property being ideal for To calm muscle aches , And even rheumatic problems.
  • Do you often come home with foot pains? Do you have swollen, swollen, and tired notes? Then nothing better than a tub of hot water with 10 drops of mint oil.
  • Peppermint oil is a basic remedy for all those Problems related to the respiratory system (Bronchitis, hoarseness, flu, colds...). You can do steam or massage in the chest.
  • Suitable for insect bites.
  • Relieves Premenstrual tension . You can massage your belly or apply a damp cloth with peppermint oil.
  • Serves as refreshingly effective in sunburns.
  • Another of its properties is to stimulate the nervous system and combat Mental fatigue . It is perfect!
  • Increases vitality if, for example, you leave some droplets in your room as an air freshener.

How can I make my homemade mint oil?

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What do I need?

  • 350 g of Fresh mint (Peppermint).
  • 200 ml of base oil. You can choose between almond oil or olive oil .
  • A dark glass bottle of 250 ml.

How do I prepare my mint oil?

1- The first thing is to get peppermint (eye, we are not talking about peppermint). Perfect if you have your own plants at home or if you find it in the market. Once you have it, it is necessary that the Wash well with fresh water, leaf by leaf , To rid us of any impurity. Remember that it will have a direct application on our skin and we need it to be clean.

2- Second step? We are going to Crush the mint leaves . Use a wooden mallet or a spoon. Do it with force, because this way they are reduced and we force the plant to release its juice. You will see that it smells very good.

3- We're going to the fire. Take a bucket and pour into it The 200 ml of oil . The fire must be low. Add crushed mint, stir and allow to simmer. Cover the saucepan so that the natural essence of peppermint does not escape. Allows to distil for half an hour, always at a very very low intensity.

4- After half an hour, Put out the fire and allow it to rest. Now we'll go straight to the bottle, the dark glass jar. Use a good strainer and pour the mint oil into the bowl, free of leaves.

5- You have to leave it in a cool place, that does not give the sun.

6- Next step? Have patience. You'll have to Wait about 10 days So that the peppermint oil finishes developing all its properties. For this you must remember to turn the bottle every twelve hours, that way you can integrate all the elements.

7- Point out to you that many people, instead of making mental oil, They make mint alcohol . Peppermint alcohol is somewhat more effective for muscle and rheumatic problems, also for wound healing. If you are interested, in this case we will simply mix the peppermint leaves with a bottle of alcohol of 95 °. Put it in an airtight container and allow it to sit in a cool, dark place for 15 or 20 days. After that time, drain the contents and stay with only alcohol. It is really medicinal and it helps us to relieve muscular and rheumatic pains. Very useful!

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